List of Discrimination Lawyers in London

Employment and discrimination laws are complex and an individual can have a tough time proving age, religious and sexual discrimination. However, discrimination lawyers in London have had many years of experience in this niche field of law. They hep you build a case against a company or employer that has treated you unfairly because you are older, are a woman or are of a different religion. The best thing for you to do before you visit a discrimination lawyer is bring together as much information and evidence as you can gather so that explaining your discrimination case to an attorney is easier and they can provide accurate advice. This evidence can include emails, letters, office documentation, company policies and telephonic conversations. Once you have gathered all your supporting documents head on over to one of the discrimination lawyers in London listed below:


  • 1

    Leigh Day & Co solicitors, is a law firm that serves the niche of complex personal injury and human rights law. They also have a special unit that deals with discrimination cases by providing expert advice and reasonable rates.

  • 2

    Tim Johnson Law, is a London based solicitors firm that deals in employment law. They have experience with dealing with discrimination cases both locally and internationally.

  • 3

    Reculver Solicitors, is a employment law practice that has years of discrimination law experience. They have tribunal experience, discrimination law case experience and can also offer training to stop discrimination in the work place.

  • 4

    McAllister Olivarius, is a law firm that promises tenacity, dedication and creativity. They offer all types of law services that includes discrimination claims in the work place and in other spheres of life.

  • 5

    Bindmans LLP, has been in business for 30 years and is considered one of the top discrimination law firms in London. They give their clients a service that will be explained to them in clear terms and will try to conclude cases as soon as possible to minimize cost.

  • 6

    Lesley Longhurst-Woods, is a sole practitioner that deals in Immigration law and public access. She can deal at all levels including Judicial Reviews and appeals.

  • 7

    Employment Solicitors, is a panel of solicitors that deals in employment law and discrimination cases. They take on clients that have face age, race and sex discrimination.

  • 8

    Doyle Clayton, is the UK's largest specialist employment law firm. They have 25 lawyers that work in the London area to deal with employment, discrimination and business immigration cases.

  • 9

    Kervin & Barnes Solicitors, is a law firm that deals in employment law. The represent senior mangers and companies in discrimination cases.

  • 10

    Ashby Cohen Solicitors Ltd, practices in the field of Employment law and deals with direct discrimination and indirect discrimination cases.

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