The Gherkin 30 St Mary Axe Restaurant in London

Besides endowing the facility of delicious and quality food the other  reason which makes 30 St Marry Axe restaurant famous in London is its location; this lovely dine in place is situated in the famous trade mark of London, The Gherkin building. Right after the inauguration on the 30th March 2004 the building took next to no time in making its reputation as a best place for premier event venues. The retardant is situated on the top floor, which gives you the chance of viewing the unseen beauty of London while enjoying your meal. Though the facilities like bar, and restaurant is only obtainable by the members of this restaurant, but if you wish to experience the exotic environment along with the mouth watering menu, then the only way is to hire a place for an event. Norman Foster being the designer of this huge trade mark accomplished in grabbing the spot light, when the building was honored with the Cool Venue Award in 2011.

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Contact: +44 20 7071 5009


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    Products and Services:

    The restaurant is located in a sky scrapper, where offices and various other corporate sector is also available, where people arrange meetings and official lunch at this ideal venue.

    Reservation facility is also obtainable.

    Along with a nice range of quality beverages like champagne bars, a delicious breakfast and a special lunch Menu is also present.

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    Operational hours:

    The restaurant is opened between the office timings or until the building allows visitors to enter.

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    30 Saint Mary Axe, City of London EC3A 8EP, United kingdom.

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    How to get to Gherkin 30 St Mary axe restaurant from Aldgate tube station:

    By Tube:

    The transit station is very near to the sky scrapper; by walk it will take you total 5 minutes to cover 0.2 mile distance. After coming out of the station head South East in order to march towards the Minories/A1211.  After covering 0.1 mile distance on the Duke’s PI/A1211 turn left and complete the rest of 272 feet distance on Bury Street. But if you are driving a car, then it will take hardly a minute to reach at the door step of Gherkin 30 St Mary axe restaurant, from the station. View Map

    By Bus:

    Duke Place Bus Stop A is very close to Gherkin 30 St Mary axe restaurant, take route number 42, 78, 100, 135, 205, 388 or N8 in order to get dropped at your destination.

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