Best Dim Sum Restaurants London

Chinese cuisine has become one of the popular type of foods in the British capital. This immense demand for great tasting and authentic Chinese menus has lead to other traditional variations being introduced to London’s residents. One of the more well received Chinese menus has been Dim Sum. Traditionally, Dim Sum is considered a snack or light meal. However, the Dim Sum dishes, which are made to be bite size and come three or four to a dish, are so tasty that some restaurants started serving them exclusively. As the the local population started to warm up to the small delights many other styles started to appear including traditional and modern variations. Many people enjoy the vast selection and variety they can get at Dim Sum restaurants. Since the small portions, which are usually served in steam baskets, are easily consumed and shared, Dim Sum restaurants are popular with families and large groups. Customers can taste many different dishes in one sitting and can eat as much or little as they like. In locations that mimic Hong Kong restaurants, a server has a trolley that is wheeled around the restaurants and customers can pick up small plates and baskets directly from the trolley. This is an interesting serving style and makes sure the food on the patrons table is always hot and fresh.


  • 1

    Ping Pong

    This is one of the largest Dim Sum restaurant chains in London. The well known venues are scattered across London and offer reservations, party booking and delicious food to satisfy most clients.

  • 2

    Yum Cha Silks & Spice

    This is very popular but small restaurant located in Chalk Farm. The well done Dim Sum is their speciality and is served for both lunch and dinner.

  • 3

    Golden Dragon

    This venue is located close to several theaters and is a favourite spot for thater goers as a befor or after dinner venue. Their crispy duck and rost pork are quite popular.

  • 4

    NOW Streetfood

    Is a modern twist on Dim Sum. They cater to western tastes in their dishes and create a fast paced atmosphere to quickly serve busy clients.

  • 5

    Dim T

    This is another chain Dim Sum restaurant in London. The venue is known for its economically priced meals and large menu. The locations are large enough to serve groups and family events.

  • 6

    Goldfish City

    The restaurant is part of a group of different Chinese and Sushi restuarants owned by the same company. The high end eatery serves fast, freah and tasty Dim Sum in their well decorated venue. The menu has several popular seafood items.

  • 7

    China City Restaurant

    This restaurant has two busy branches in London. Even though the eatery serves a full chines menu, the Dim Sum is quite popular and many consider it to be one of the top family dining venues in the area.

  • 8

    Royal China

    This restaurant offers its customers a full Chinese menu plus Dim Sum. They serve four types of Dim Sum including fried, steamed, Cheung fun abd dessert.

  • 9

    The Drunken Monkey

    This hip venue combines modern Dim Sum with a large and extensive drink list. Customers enjoy the fresh take on the cuisine coupled with the great cocktails.

  • 10

    Royal Dragon

    This restaurant sets it self apart from the other Dim Sum eateries in London by offering Karaoke. The bar in the venue is usually filled with customers enjoying the music and drinks while they sample the Dim Sum.

  • 11

    Dumplings' Legend

    This interesting Dim Sum location serves only fresh, hand made food. The dumplings are in high demand along with the other original recipes created by the chef.

  • 12

    London Jade Garden

    Is a very popular Dum Sum restaurant in Soho. The venue serves a tremendous amount of people daily but the excellent and economically priced food never drops in quality.

  • 13

    Plum Valley

    Located in the midst of Chinatown this restaurant holds its own among other restaurants. The Dim Sum is very good and reasonably priced making a favourite among locals.

  • 14

    Yi Ban

    Located in Docklands this venue is a marriage between traditional Chinese cuisine and modern design. The amazing location and atmosphere makes the food and experience that customers remember for a long time.

  • 15

    Leong's Legend I

    This great restaurant is located next to several other Chinese venues but is still packed with customers. The soupy dumplings are their specialty and the pork belly is also a crowd favorite.

  • 16


    This venue was opened in 1969 and is one of the first Chinese eateries establishe din the British capital. Today they have a solid reputaiton and great Dim Sum along with other dishes.

  • 17

    The Gourmet Oriental

    This venue does several differnt types of oriental cuisnes including Chinese, Malaysian and Japanese. Their Dim Sum is well regarded among diners and they have a good reputation for their delivery service.

  • 18

    Made In China

    This venue is a modern interpretation of Dim Sum and has some excellent dishes. Customers find that the new types of dishes open their eyes to whole new world of taste.

  • 19

    Kam Tong

    This lovely eatery offers both Cantonese food and Dim Sum. However, the later is only served during lunch.

  • 20


    This elite restaurant is considered by some to have the best Dim Sum menu in London. The venue serves other dishes but the popular eatery is well known for its exquisite Dim Sum and accompanying Wine.

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