The Hayward Gallery in London

Hayward Gallery in Southbank Centre is a famous centre of exhibiting artworks in London. This major arts site is located on the south bank of the famous River Thames – which adds more beauty to it. The Hayward Gallery was constructed by Higgs and Hill and later Queen Elizabeth inaugurated it. However, unlike the typical art galleries, the Hayward Gallery is used only for hosting three to four exhibitions during the year and does not maintain any permanent collections. Usually, contemporary arts exhibitions take place at the Hayward Gallery and visitors will find this gallery surrounded by various famous sites such as British Film Institute, Royal National Theatre and much more.

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    History of The Hayward Gallery:

    The Hayward Gallery was opened in 1968 by Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth. Unitll 2007, this gallery was called only Hayward but after some rebranding in early 2011, the site was renamed as the Hayward Gallery. It was named after late Sir Isaac Hayward, who was the person in charge of the London County Council.  Between 1968 and 1986, Hayward Gallery remained under the control of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

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    Things to Do at The Hayward Gallery:

    - Look at a range of artworks
    - Check out the exhibitions

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    Tickets and Entry:

    People who are interested in obtaining tickets of the Hayward Gallery can get them online or contact through the information given in Step 4 for more information.

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    How to Contact The Hayward Gallery:

    To get in touch with Hayward Gallery's management, use the phone number or email address specified below:

    Contact: +44 20 7960 4200

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    Operational Hours of The Hayward Gallery:

    The daily opening hours of Hayward Gallery are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, whereas on Thursday and Friday, this gallery remains open till 8:00 pm.

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    How to Join The Hayward Gallery:

    Hayward Gallery also offers membership service to Londoners for tickets of the world class exhibitions. To know further details in this regard, click here.

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    Location of The Hayward Gallery:

    Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, City of London, London, Greater London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to The Hayward Gallery:

    By Tube

    Waterloo tube station is 5 minutes walk from Hayward Gallery as it is located just 0.3 miles away. So if a person heads northeast towards Cab Road from this London Underground station, then turns left onto Cab Road and then right onto York Road/A3200, from where the person will turn left towards York Road/A3200 before turning right onto York Road/A3200. This will bring the person to the first exit onto Waterloo Road/A301 from the roundabout from where he or she will continue to follow A301 in order to find the destination on the left in 5 minutes. Directions from Waterloo tube station to The Hayward Gallery.

    By Bus

    Royal Festival Hall (Stop Q) is about 0.2 miles away from Hayward Gallery and by walk it can be reached in 3 minutes approximately. Head northeast on Belvedere Road towards Waterloo Road from Royal Festival Hall (Stop Q) then, turn right onto Waterloo Road. Afterwards take a sharp left turn onto Waterloo Road/A301 and continue to follow A301 in order to locate the destination on the left. Bus number RV1 stops at Royal Festival Hall (Stop Q). Directions from Royal Festival Hall (Stop Q) to the Hayward Gallery.

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