How To Request Special Educational Needs Assessment In London

Children experiencing a hindrance in learning require Special Education Needs (SEN) to counter their learning difficulties. The difficulties faced by a child may also be identified when a child lags behind in learning in comparison to his peers. Special education needs could include learning difficulties when a child can not develop basic skills taught in schools or specific learning difficulty when writing, reading or numerical work becomes difficult. SEN also includes emotional or interpersonal problems in dealing with friends or adults or visual or hearing impairment. If you, as a parent, have a doubt that your child has SEN then you may get SEN Asessment done for your child.


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    Special Education Need's Assessment

    The child's teacher will do an SEN assessment by following a standard procedure for SEN. Mostly all mainstream schools can identify SEN in a child. However, if a school can't do SEN assessment then the local authority would help you in the matter.

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    A Guide for Parents

    The parents are assured that every child with special educational needs will meet his / her needs. Usually the SEN are met in the mainstream schools. Your standpoint and concerns regarding SEN will be considered and a balanced relevant education will be given to your child for the foundation stage curriculum (3 to 5 years) and for the National Curriculum (5 to 16 years).

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    Applying in the Local Authority

    The SEN assessment is to be requested to the local authority of your area. Click here to find your local authority.

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    SEN Statement

    After the SEN of your child is assessed by the local authority, they would release a six-step statement based on their findings. Part 1 contains the general details or information about your child, part 2 lays out the list of your child's needs and part 3 outlines the help that should be given to your child. Step 4 outlines the kind of school your child should go and any arrangements other than school timings, while step 5 has any non-educational needs your child requires and step 6 describes the way these non-educational needs should be met.

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    Dissatisfaction against SEN Assessment done by Local Authority

    If parents' are not happy with the local authority's decision then they can appeal against it. The appeals can be lodged in a tribunal called "First Tier Tribunal for Special Educational Needs and Disability". It is also known as the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST).

    Location: First Tier Tribunal for Special Educational Needs and Disability, 2nd Floor Old Hall, Mowden Hall, Staindrop Road, Darlington, DL3 9BG, UK.

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