House of Lords Membership Overview

The Application Assessment Process for the House of Lords Membership is basically a responsibility of the House of Lords Appointments Commission. This Commission has formed a proper procedure to assess an application. During this procedure, the applications for the House of Lords membership goes through various stages to make sure that every nomination is considered impartially and consistently. There are several people involved in this process who consider the nominations from every angle and make their recommendations only after full satisfaction. Therefore, the process of assessing applications for the House of Lords Membership is a bit lengthy and time consuming. This application assessment process is summarised in the following steps.

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    Even before the assessment starts, some objective verification on eligibility of the candidates is carried out. For instance, it is a constitutional obligation that appointees to the House of Lords must be United Kingdom, Irish or Commonwealth nationals and their age should be above 21. The House of Lords Appointments Commission can also verify that nominees are inhabitant in the United Kingdom for tax purposes. People who are unable to meet the eligibility criteria are rejected.

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    The House of Lords Appointments Commission's Secretariat does the first filter. As a minimum, two team members conduct the initial assessment of the nominees according to the published criteria. After carrying out separate assessments, the team then muses over its assessments which then leads it to a final recommendation after consent, which is forwarded to a sub-committee for further discussion.

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    All individuals that securing a nomination to the House of Lords for membership are also evaluated by the sub-committee. They are tasked with giving their approval of the overall candidates sent by the commission.

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    The nominees whom the sub-committee would like to suggest for interview should provide references too.

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    The House of Lords Appointments Commission then mulls over the sub-committee's suggestions, which includes nominees who are asked to provide references as well. The Commission then decides which nominees meet the criteria. Then nominees who meet the criteria are invited for an interview. The commission later on conducts selected nominees' interviews before it becomes able to recommend any further.

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    The finalists from the interviews of the House of Lords Appointments Commission are then recommended to the sub-committee, which then interviews the chosen ones. These interviews are conducted by the chairman along with at least two commission members.

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    After concluding all interviews, the commission reconsiders all information related to a nominee before making any final decision. The commission also has a right to call back a nominee or nominees for a second interview before they reach a final decision.

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