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South West Four, also known as SW4, is an electronic music and dance festival that makes London its home. The event is one of the few city festivals that takes place on the weekend and has late timings. This allows fans to truely enjoy DJ and electronic artists who spin some of the most popular tracks. Participants pack the open air arenas to spend time dancing and drinking. South West Four is unique also because it has no camp site like other music festivals. People attending SW4 can easily go home because they are in Clapham Common, which is close to many tube stops and bus stations. The Festival has several stalls serving food, drink and items that fans want. SW4 also has after parties which take place at clubs all across the British capital.

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    South West Four got its start in 2004. The first year of the festival saw world famous J Sasha headline the event. The success of the first year prompted rapid growth in the next years with the crowds growing quickly. SW4 then introduced late-night timings by 2011, to allow festival goers a chance to enjoy outdoor electronic music at night.

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    The festival has different arenas that have DJ's and electronic artists playing in open air as people dance. The festival grounds also have stalls that sell food, drinks and dance items. The SW4 has another unique event called the Official after party. These are club events taking place around the city that allow attendees to keep enjoying  music into the late hours of the night.

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    Important Dates

    Summer - August (The event is always scheduled to take place on the August bank holiday).

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    Unlike other summer festivals, the SW4 is a weekender that lasts for only 2 days.

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    How to contact

    The organizers for the event do not take direct phone calls but do answer emails. To get in touch, use the following information:


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    Clapham Common, London Borough of Lambeth, London SW4, UK.

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    These highly sought after tickets are available for fans online. If you would like to purchase any passes for the event, click here.

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    How to get there

    The SW4 event is located with in the city and there are a number of travel options available to choose from:

    By Tube:

    The Clapham Common Tube station is the closest one to the festival area. Once the event goers get off the underground train they can head south west on Clapham Commons South Side. They will then make a right on Rookery Road and find the destination on the right. View Map.

    By Bus:

    Clapham, Elms Rd Windmill On The Common (Stop J) is one of the many bus stops close to the commons. You can use bus numbers 50, 155, 249, 690 and N155 to get there. From the stop, head south on Clapham Common South and make a right on Narbonne Avenue. Then make a left on windmill drive. Keep following the path and you will see the festival grounds.

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