Aunt Sally’s Restaurant in London

If you desire to enjoy the taste of home cooked meal then Aunt Sally’s café will definitely satisfy your appetite. Though the café is not constructed on a large scale, still its delicious food has the tendency to fortify its position among the eminent cafés of London. If you wish to plan a casual gathering or intend to have a small meeting at a cozy yet again comfortable place, then Aunt Sally’s Café is an ideal choice.  The café is located in the vicinity of East Ham Station, so usually passengers who wish to whitewash the sluggishness and laziness that occurred due to spending 9 hours at work place, prefer paying a visit at the cafe.

Contact: +44 20 8472 2226


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    Products and Services of Aunt Sally’s Café:

    Along with dine in and take away facility Aunt Sally’s café has also arranged an outdoor seating for customers.

    Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, Aunt Sally’s café menu contains variety of healthy food. The menu contains nice range of wine and beer, salads, fresh sandwiches and burgers etc.

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    Operational Hours of Aunt Sally’s Café:

    You can avail the dine in service at Aunt Sally’s Café between 7:15 am to 4:00 pm six days a week, however on Sunday the café is closed.

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    Location of Aunt Sally’s Café:

    14 Pilgrims Way, East Ham, London E6 1HW, United Kingdom

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    How to get to Aunt Sally’s Café from East Ham Station:

    By Tube:

    Distance between the two locations is covered within 6 minutes by walk. After coming out of the station, move south, so that you can march towards High St N/A117 on the Burges Road. After wrapping 0.1 mile distance take a slight turn towards left side and keep on commencing on the Ron Leighton Way and then on the High St N again. Take another right turn and make your way towards the Pilgrims Way where Aunt Sally’s Café is located. Follow Directions to Aunt Sally’s Café from East Ham Station.

    By Bus:

    Kempton Road (Stop L) is adjacent to the café so in order to travel by bus take route number 101, 104, 147, 238, 300, 325, 376, 474.

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