How to Travel by Bus from London to Coventry

Victoria Coach Station in London will facilitate the passengers who wish to travel from London to Coventry, through bus. Two bus services are available at this station, which conveniently drops the passengers at the Coventry bus station in less than 3 hours. The National Express will take you to the Pool Meadow Bus Station in Coventry, while Megabus will drop the passengers at the Cannon Park. National Express takes an indirect route as well besides direct route, for which after few miles National Express Airport completes the journey passing through Birmingham central coach station. It takes minimum 2 hours and 21 minutes to cover the entire journey.


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    There are two ways by which you can book your tickets one is through online and the other one is done at the station. For online tickets the links given below will help you in planning your journey.

    Visit: National Express Website

    Visit: Transport Direct Website

    Visit: UK Megabus Website

    For on the spot booking you can follow the instructions mentioned in step 3

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    Before you head to Coventry city make sure you have pre booked a cab service, because you might face difficulty while searching for a taxi so it is better if your ride is at the station before your arrival.

    The contact information of local operators given below can be used for booking cab service:

    Allens: +44 24 7655 5555

    Central: +44 24 7633 3333

    Trinity St: +44 24 7699 9999

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    If you plan to buy the ticket on the day you wish to depart, then go to the Victoria Coach Station at least 15 minutes earlier so that you can conveniently get your seats booked.

    The information given below will guide you towards Victoria Coach Station and you can easily buy your ticket as well:

    Location: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TP, United Kingdom. View Map

    Visit Victoria Coach Station Website

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    After attaining your ticket, ask the conductor to guide you towards your seat. Place your luggage in an appropriate place and take your seat.

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    Keep your ticket safely the conductor will come up to you in awhile and inspect your ticket.

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    Your bus might make a stop depending upon your route so carefully gather your belongings and take the other bus whose ticket has been initially pre booked.

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    After covering the required distance the bus will drop you off at Pool Meadow Bus Station Coventry or the Cannon Park depending upon the route.

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    Your cab will be waiting for you at the station which will take you to your required destination.

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