How to Get a Flat or Studio Apartment on Rent in London

Sharing a flat or studio apartment is quite a common practice in London, since the property rents are quite high in the Capital City. In addition to that, recession has also forced people to shift from complete rental flats and studio apartments to shared residences. Therefore, in London securing a nice residence on sharing basis has not remain an easy task anymore. This procedure not only require more time than before, but also require proper planning to find the best spot on sharing basis. This step by step guide to get a partake flat or studio apartment in London.


  • 1

    Determine Requirements

    (a) Determine in which area of London you want shared apartment.

    (b) Decide that the flat or studio apartment you are looking for should be on ground floor or at higher floors.

    (c) In case you own a vehicle then search only those sharing flats and studio apartments that have ample parking space.

    (d) Also decide whether you want a new flat, studio apartment or slight older

    (e) Find a space that is located close to facilities.

    (f) Last but not least settle on how much rent you can afford to give.

  • 2

    Contact Real Estate Dealer

    The easiest way to find a sharing or studio apartment in London is through a reputed real estate dealer. For the reason that these real estate dealers, maintains proper catalogues of such properties, which you can get on sharing basis.

    (a) Rightmove

    (b) Knight Frank

    (c) Hotblack Desiato

    After picking a real estate dealer, put down the list of your requirements in front of him or her along with the rent you can afford. By keeping in view of your requirement the real estate dealer will show you the best available choices that are close to your requirement criteria.

  • 3

    Search Online

    Flats and studio apartments on sharing basis can also be searched through different websites that are available online. This will decrease your dependency on real estate dealer.

    (a) Visit Studios 92 Website

    (b) Visit Cheap Rooms in London Website

    (c) Visit Room Ads Website

  • 4

    Search Newspaper

    Third option to find a sharing flat or studio is going through daily local newspapers. These newspapers are easily available on a newspaper stand near to your location.

    (a) Visit The London Daily Website

    (b) Visit Metro Website

    (c) Visit The Sunday Times Website

  • 5

    Short List

    Select three or four sharing flat or studio apartment that best suits your requirements, to keep an option for the right choice.

  • 6

    Make Offer

    Once you have finalised a sharing flat or studio apartment in London then, contact the owner of the property or the person who is going to share it with you in order to make an offer. Keep the advance rent ready before making the offer because if the owner or your flatmate accepts it then, you have to deposit funds immediately after finishing legal formalities. As a tenant, landlord or your flatmate can ask you to provide some personal references, banks statements and credit history because this practice is quite common in London before giving a flat or studio apartment on rent.

  • 7

    Get a Solicitor/Lawyer

    The legal paper work is quite complex therefore, tenants usually prefer to hire a solicitor or lawyer, who take care of these matters.

    (a) Fuglers

    (b) TJM Law

    (c) Stratega Law

  • 8


    After the completion of legal documentation, you have to deposit advance rent of few months as decided with the owner of property or the sharing party. Also you will need to bring along security fee, list personal references and your bank statements together with credit history. If your records satisfy the landlord or your flatmate, you will get the possession of sharing flat or studio apartment.

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