How to Get Iraq Tourist Visit Visa from London

The Republic of Iraq does not issue tourist visa from its embassy in London. The entry visa regulations are quite strict and it allows Iraqi Missions abroad to grant visa only to the applicants who matches certain criteria. Those, who still want to find a way to get the visa of Iraq would be glad to know that tourist visas are now being issued but for that you need to contact Iraqi embassy in Paris as it is one of the few missions in the world that are authorise to issue entry visas. Remember tourist visas are only valid for maximum 15 days of stay in Iraq.

Visit: Iraqi Embassy


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    General Requirements

    The general requirements to get the tourist visa of Iraq are as:

    Only one who fulfills the following criteria will be able to get Iraqi visa from London.

    A valid passport with not less than two blank pages for visa stamp or sticker.

    Vaccination certificate against the following diseases:

    a)      Diphtheria

    b)      Hepatitis A

    c)       Malaria

    d)      Rabies

    e)      Tetanus

    f)       Typhoid

    g)      Deposite exact visa fee (tourist visa fee: $30 ).

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    Visa application form

    You can download visa application form from here. The Iraqi Immigration Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs check the passports, visas and other travel documents, when travellers  arrive at the airport. The officers also make sure that the travellers should stay no more than the alloted time period. Apart from that there are several provisions for the visitors.

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    Send email to Iraqi Embassy in Paris. France on these addresses and in order to know the process of getting the tourist visa of the country. Or contact Iraqi Emabassy in Paris directly on the following telephone number or address.

    Ambassade d'Irak

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    Tourists are allowed to carry their luggage but this should not be over weight or voilating the terms of airlines or customs.

    Tourists can also carry their medicines but they should be in a reasonable amount.

    Cameras, portable music players, extra batteries, which you can carry in your luggage are allowed to carry.

    Women should also bring few scarf with them as it is a Islamic country.

    Buy a travel insurance that should cover your health and baggage before travelling to Iraq.

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