List of Premier League Football Clubs in London

Football is the most watched sports in the world. It provides plenty of entertainment to its watchers. Apart from international football teams and international tournaments, almost all of the greatest football playing nations has their own leagues in which the clubs from the country compete against each other and all of the clubs have prominent football players in their teams from all around the world. When we talk about the club league then who can forget English Premiere league (EPL) in which clubs from all over the UK compete against each other for premiership title. There are few famous clubs in London too and they are very strong competitors in the EPL. Names like Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC are the prominent ones and they have numbers of achievements associated with their names. There are few more famous football clubs in London. Following is the step by step list of football clubs in London, those compete in the EPL.


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    Arsenal Football Club, is the most followed club in the city and they have won many titles. Arsenal set a record of 49 successive wins in 2003/04 season and it is not been broken or equalised yet. They have also won premier league title. It was founded in 1886.

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    Chelsea Football Club, is based in south west area of London. They are also one of the most successful clubs in English premier league. It was founded in 1905 and they became a successful club in late 19th century. They marked incredible wins in 2000s by winning three premier league titles.

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    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, is based in north London near white hart lane. It is also one of the very successful clubs in London and they have won eight football association cup titles. They have also won the Korean peace cup. Tottenham Hotspur FC is commonly known as “The Spurs”.

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    Fulham Football Club, is known for producing some international players for England national team including George Cohen and Rodney Marsh. The club was founded back in 1879, which marks it as one of the oldest club in the country. They have seen a great success in 2000s.

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    West Ham United Football Club, is known for training some great players and youngsters and this is why the club is also known as “The Academy”. West Ham football club is situated in east London and has a diverse history of welcoming some great international players in their team.

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    Queens Park Rangers, is also a premier league football club based in white city, London. They are the champions of the 2010-11 football league.

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