How to Buy a Pet Dog in London

While visiting London’s streets, you must have noticed many people have dogs walking with them. Having a pet is great fun and if you live alone, it can really get your loneliness away from you. Dogs are one of the most owned pets in London but buying a pet means you have an extra responsibility on you because UK laws are really strict regarding pets. Before buying a dog, you should have proper resources and time to handle the pet. However, if you have already made your mind about buying a pet dog to keep you company – after all, a dog is known to be man’s best friend – then this article will help in ways to do that.


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    First thing is to analyse your needs and resources. Decide what breed of dog you want to buy and do you have proper resources to keep him safe. For example,  do you own a house or a flat? Is there any park nearby your home where you can take your dog for a walk? There are some other options to consider too like; do you live in a quite neighborhood or a noisy place? Do you have children at your home or not? All of these things should be considered before actually buying a dog.

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    Now you have to select a seller who can provide you any desired breed. There is a website called Kennel and they have listed all of the authorised dog sellers in UK. You can select a dog online or you can buy it directly from the seller’s store.

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    You can also adopt a dog; there are some dog centres in London from where you can adopt a dog. These dog shelters include Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre.

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    If you are considering to buy a dog then it can cost you anywhere from 150 to 1300 GBP. But adopting a dog is comparatively cheap and you can have added benefits with that including, vaccination, pet insurance, dog tag, starter food and instruction guides etc. And you can adopt a dog in around 100 pounds at least.

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    Once you are done with buying a dog, make sure you have a health certificate of the dog and its parents. You need to get the instruction manual which will state your responsibilities towards the pet and provide you information on how to handle it. Ask the seller regarding vaccination and make sure that the pet has gotten periodic vaccinations on time.

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    Make sure your dog wears an ID tag with his/her name along with your address and phone number once you have bought it. If your dog is found without an ID tag, you will have to pay a fine of approximately 5000 pounds. Find a veterinarian for your dog who will handle the vaccination, and in case of any emergency, he will give treatment to your dog. Buy healthy food for your dog keeping in mind the instructions provided when you bought or adopted it.

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