Reeves Corner Tram Stop London

Reeves Corner rail road car initialized its service in the year 2K. With one platform in use, this tram begins its journey from Wimbledon, and makes its final stop in the large town of South London, Croydon. Tramlink, which is also originally known by the name of Croydon Tramlink, is the service which is responsible for keeping an eye on the tram’s routes. The name Reeves Corner Tram was deduced from an eminent furniture shop, House of Reeves,  which is located quite near to the tram stop. Though the building has been destroyed in the year 2011, during England riots ,still the name  remains the same. If you wish to acquire complete information related to the arrival and departure time of the tram, then take help form Reeves Corner Tram Stop’s Time Table.Reeves Corner Tram Stop Route Map


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    If by any chance you are getting late for office, and do not have the  time to cook something nice for lunch, then make a call to any of the restaurants which are in the vicinity of the tram stop and place an order of your desired meal.

    Nandos, Il Ponte Ristorante, Yo! Sushi, McDonald's Church Street
    Coffee Shops:
    Caffe Nero, Cafe Montego

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    Clubs and Bars Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Suddenly if you have made a party plan with your friends, while you ran into them in a tram. But you are confused which venue should be choosen, then take help form the list of bars and clubs given below, which are located few feet away from the Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Night Clubs:
    Shooshh Nightclub, Reflex, The Roxbury, Rehab Croydon
    Tamworth Arms, Tiger Tiger, Ship Of Fools

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    Hotels and Accommodations Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Are you expecting any guests, and intend to provide them accommodation at a nice lodging place, which is near to the Reeves Corner rail car stop? Then do keep in mind the places which are prearranged as follow:

    Jurys Inn Croydon, Travelodge Croydon Central,  Express By Holiday Inn Hotel London Croydon
    Guest House:
    Woodstock Guest House, Flexistay Alexander Lodge

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    Sites and Attractions Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Within a mile distance from the station there are several sights and attractions. So if you are looking for a place near the street car, where you can plan a casual gathering with friends, then choose a perfect location from the list below:

    Wandle Park
    Museum Of Croydon

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    Educational Institutes Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    If your workplace is near to the Reeves Corner Tram Stop, and you intend to admit your children in an institute, which is a few feet away from the tram stop, so that you can avail the transport service and then make a choice from the institutes mentioned as follow:

    Old Palace Of John Whitgift School, Central Croydon Montessori School, Central Croydon Montessori School, St Andrews C Of E Secondary High School
    Croydon College, Cambridge Tutors College, Carshalton College

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    Gift shops and book shops Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Before you take a tram, in order to commence towards your destination, you can buy a nice book that will assist you during the short journey. Bookshops which are situated near the Reeves Corner Tram Stop are mentioned as follow:

    Book Shops:
    WHSmith, Forbidden Planet, The Works, Joy, Dreamstone Pagan Craft, Wesley Owen Books & Music, SJ Books & Gifts

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    Health and Beauty Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    After spending a tiring day at shopping malls you would definitely want to spend some time at a lovely spa and acquire the special treatment of relaxation.  Before getting on the rail car take few minutes’ walk and pay a visit at the beauty service providers cited below:

    Virgin Active & House of Fraser
    Solutions Health & Fitness, Fitness First Croydon & Gymophobics

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    Emergency Services Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Usually during a high alert situation, it becomes quite difficult for people to decide what to do and what not to. But if they are aware of the fact that a rescuer team is situated right next to their door, then they can definitely live a life filled with satisfaction.

    Fire Brigade Station:
    Safe Integrated Systems, London Fire Protection Services Limited & S a F E
    Police Station:
    Metropolitan Police Service
    St John Ambulance

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    Hospitals and Clinics Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Many clinics and hospitals are situated adjacent to the tram stop, so that people can have sense of security. The ones which are located within a mile distance are listed below:

    NHS Croydon & PDSA Pet Aid Hospital
    Croydon Dental Care, Back To Health, AllClear, Renew Medica & The London Piercing Clinic

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    Shopping Malls Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    Reeves Corner Tram Stop is situated in a very eminent place of London, which is why you will be able to locate various shopping malls that contains all possible facilities and provisions.

    Shopping Malls:
    Centrale Shopping Centre, Whitgift Shopping Centre, Wing Yip Croydon Superstore, House of Fraser &  Zara

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    Child Care Centers Near Reeves Corner Tram Stop:

    If your working place is few feet away from the Reeves tram car, but you are worried about your child who is home alone while you are away for work. Then the only way out is to contact a reliable day care center.

    Day Care Centers:
    Blue House Day Nursery, Just Learning Nursery - Croydon & Aysha Butt Childminder (Aysha Butt Childminding Services)

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