How to Overcome Bullying in London

Bullying is defined as an act of intimidation and/or humiliation done by one party on the other. This is primarily because of power imbalance (physical or positional) and the need to feel superior by victimizing and harassing the weaker party. Although, bullying can be a one-off incidence but generally the act of bullying is repeated.

While it is thought that bullying is only restricted to schools, but new avenues of bullying have also surfaced, for example cyber bullying or bullying at work.

This article will list down a few guidelines to keep safe from bullying in London. Simply scroll down and follow our step by step guide which has all the necessary information for you to avoid bullying.


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    The most common form of bullying, after the frequency of bullying done at schools, is that at work. Always try and reflect a vibe of confidence and self-assurance so no one can take you as someone weak and vulnerable and try to bully you. Don’t let anyone pester you for your race, religion or sex. If, however, you are being a victim of bullying, try and talk to your supervisor to bring the act to his/her attention and resolve the issue. Remember the minute you feel that you are being bullied try to get out of the situation right away and alert someone above you like a manager or supervisor that can do something about it. Never take this type of behaviour lightly as it can repeatedly go on if you do not put a stop to it. Also, if you see someone else getting bullied then try to stop it or report it immediately. Sometimes people that are a victim of bullying do not report it in fear of looking weak. You can report someone else being bullied in the office anonymously so that there will not be any finger pointing later on.

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    As previously mentioned, another common form of bullying is done at schools. Children should, under no circumstances, have to go through bullying by their peers. This leaves a long-lasting psychological impact on their self-esteem and personality development. Teach your children to say NO when the need arises. There are some non-governmental organizations in London who are working against bullying in school. An example is the London Anti-bullying coalition. You should teach your kids how to stand up to a bully or at least learn how to walk away from a potential physical altercation. It is very important to notice the behaviour of your child when they come home from school to see if they constantly complain about school or do not want to go in the morning. This can be sure shot sign that they might be getting bullied in school. Be sure to alert the school administration as soon as possible so that they understand what is happening with your child. If things get bad then either remove your child from that particular school or threaten the administration with legal action if they refuse to do anything about it.

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