List of Thursday Night Clubs in London

Night life in London is fabulous by many aspects but the night clubs are among the top priority of Londoners during the weekends and also on week days. On Thursday night clubs becomes more attractive due to their special arrangement in the middle of the week. The idea of celebrating the Thursday night in many night clubs is the manifesto of providing an opportunity to those people who have very tough and tight work schedules so that they could do the remaining tasks related to their work in a better way during last couple of days of the week. Step by Step brings you the list of few Thursday nights clubs to make your day memorable and to have some recreation.


  • 1

    Ain't Nothin But Blues Bar, is one of the most popular places in London to have fun and recreation along with friends on Thursday night.

  • 2

    The Den & Centro Bar, another fine place to have some party their with colleagues on Thursday night.

  • 3

    The Hoxton Pony , is one of the fine venue to celebrate with friends and enjoy parties along with cocktail.

  • 4

    Black Sheep Bar, is an oasis in a desert of terrible chart tunes. While it has the obligatory and massively popular indie and rock nights of Thursday.

  • 5

    KOKO, a large numbers of people come here to enjoy music and sped out thier time here along with their friends and families espacially on Thursday.

  • 6

    Madame Jojo's : Cabaret and Night Club, on Thursday night the venue offers special menus and events.

  • 7

    Notting Hill Arts Club, it is the hub of marry-makers in the heart of London.

  • 8

    Miss Q's, is one of the most attracting places in London to have some fun on Thursday nights due its splendid look and atmosphere.

  • 9

    Ronnie Scott's, it is also captivating place for the people of London to spend the Thursday night here.

  • 10

    Ministry of Sound, London is captivating and Thursday night is great to be spent here in this club.

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