List of Insolvency Practitioners in London

Are you trying to find insolvency practitioners in the city of London? In London, only licensed and authorized insolvency practitioners are appointed in order to complete formal insolvency procedures for business and individuals. If any person wants to practice as an insolvency practitioner he/she needs to pass the Joint Insolvency Examination Board exams, which is a set of three examinations by JIEB and it is conducted once in a year. In London, there are a lot of insolvency practitioners, who are appointed in relation to official and proper bankruptcy procedures for individuals and business.

Out of the many lawyers who practice involency cases, a few of them who are working in London are listed below. Simply scroll through them and select the one who you deem to be the best.


  • 1

    Davis Rubin & Partners LLP

    They are insolvency practitioners in London, they had have helped companies of all sizes across many different industry regions.

  • 2

    David Rubin & Partners LLP

    They are specializes in business turnaround and personal bankruptcy. Be a part of strong team they are working sincerely for their customers.

  • 3

    David Rubin & Partners (C.I.) Ltd

    They are specializes in corporate and personal insolvency of individuals and business. They are working as a strong team for their customers.

  • 4


    They are available for those who have insolvency issues. If you are in difficulty in terms of insolvency feel free to contact them.

  • 5

    Bridge Business Recovery London

    They are specializes in business recovery and reorganization. If you want a business recovery feel free to contact them.

  • 6

    BKR Haines Watts

    The economy of UK is in recession. However, the BKR Haines Watts are working as a strong team, which helps to make business recovery.

  • 7


    They are offering a range of risk mitigation services, which included restructuring and corporate advisory. You can contact them by following the below mention information.

  • 8

    Jackie Stephenson

    If you are facing insolvency issues you need to contact Jackie Stephenson. They are working as an insolvency practitioner in London, so feel free to discuss you issue with them.

  • 9

    L C L Consulting

    They are working in London as insolvency practitioners. Being a strong team they help in business recovery and restructuring.

  • 10

    Jeffreys Henry Jacobs

    They are insolvency practitioners based in Clerkenwell. If you want a question or get a quote feel free to contact them on below mention information.

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