List of Furniture Designers in London

Furniture is the most important element of any house, as it helps to decorate home in the proper way. Women are always willing in decoration of houses and they prefer to set designer furniture in their own homes. The designer furniture in London is quite different as compared to the furniture, which is available at the common showrooms in the city. The designers furniture in the British Capital gives the unique and traditional designs to lifestyle. If you want to bring a unique change in the decoration of your home, you need to visit step by step information about Designers Furniture in London, which are mentioned below:


  • 1

    Aria, is one of the best designer furniture showrooms in London. It gives the unique designs to furniture. Their online selection is just a taster of the fantastic selection of products they have in store.

  • 2

    Linley Mayfair, is a famous furniture designer showroom in London. If you want to collect pieces, bespoke furniture, interior design, gifts and accessories of exceptional quality must visit Linley Mayfair.

  • 3

    Poliform UK, offers its Clients a full service from design and layout to delivery and installation.  They offer bespoke furniture and decent fitting for your homes.

  • 4

    Unique, is a lifestyle group, which introduces modernistic and classic furniture designs. They source their products from across the globe to find exquisite top quality pieces.

  • 5

    Think Furniture Designs Ltd, is the furniture designers in London deliver the design services.  It offers high quality and creative design to furniture products at suitable budget.

  • 6

    All Done, is the furniture designer showroom, which presents the unique and modernistic designs in furniture products. All Done Design are experts in creating plans and drawings for all kinds of buildings.

  • 7

    Boss Design, is the furniture designer in London, which delivers the design services for different furniture products to its visitors. They have designed the bossbook to help you create an online project folder that is unique to you.

  • 8

    Couch Potato Company, is one of the superb furniture designer showrooms in London. It is located nearest Strawberry Hill station. They appreciate the power of recommendations and want their clients to be happy fabulous service.

  • 9

    Creative Woodwork, is one of the famous furniture designer showrooms in London, which delivers the best and unique designs in furniture products.

  • 10

    Poshrob ltd, is another furniture designer showroom in London, which delivers the modernists furniture designs. It is located near the Queen’s Park station.

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