Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School London

In order to make each child a valued member of the community under the teachings of Christianity, Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School was established. The management has tried their level best to create a place where children can flourish and prosper with the help of quality education under the observation of friendly staff members. The communication channels between parents and the staff members are well maintained, so that a strong working relationship is formed, amid home and school for children. Archbishop Sumner is basically a Church of England School, which is why they pay equal attention towards religion as well as education. Christian families living in London can definitely consider this institute, if they are in a search of a school that encourages Christianity and love for God.

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    Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School Services:

    Besides education, teachers also encourage students to take part in various extra curricular activities, which help them to show their talent, and what they are capable of.

    Healthy meal which contains dietary content is also provided to the students in breakfast and during lunch time.

    Parents are kept up-to-date about the performance and progress of the child through meetings and various other events.

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    Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School’s Operational Hours:

    Monday to Thursday the school services are accessible for students between 9:00 am – 3:30 pm.

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    How to Contact Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School:

    The management will appreciate your visit, if you get an appointment before paying a visit:

    Contact: +44 20 7735 2781

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    Career and Training Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School:

    In order to inquire about any available vacancies, you will have to send an email on the address mentioned below:


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    Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School’s Location:

    Reedworth St, London, Greater London SE11 4PH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Archbishop Sumner CofE Primary School:

    By Tube:

    The nearest tube station is the Kennington station, by walk it will take 10 minutes to cover 0.8 mile distance. To cover this length you will have to head northeast on the Kennington Park Rd/ A3. When you are at the Kempsford Rd, take a right turn and move on to Reedworth St where the school is located. The directions and  information related to the route is available Here!

    By Bus:

    In order to travel by bus take route number 3, 59, 159, 360, N3 or N109 the bus will drop you at Fitzalan Street‎, which is the nearest stop to your destination.

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