A2 Delicious Restaurant London

The A2 Delicious is a limited space restaurant that is found at Rushey Green in Catford London, United Kingdom. This small eatery offers various vegetarian dishes along with drinks to its guests seven days a week. This venue has a fine assortment of vegetarian dishes that attracts several vegetarian food lovers to this bistro. A2 Delicious also suits people who are seeking good value for their money. In addition to this the restaurant also has a big plasma television, which shows different channels including sports. So the guests could enjoy food while watching their favourite sport, music or movie.

Contact: +44 20 8695 9822


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    Products & Services

    Dine in option for Lunch and Dinner

    Vegetarian Dishes:

    A variety of delicious vegetarian dishes are available which have a unique African taste associated with Nigeria. If you want to try something different then A2 Delicious Restaurant has a decent menu which includes some interesting vegetarian dishes that are very good and reasonably priced as well. The flavours of Africa can be explored while eating at A2 Delicious Restaurant as the vegetarian dishes will not only provide you with some decent flavour but also provide a unique ambiance to your dining experience. You can always ask the management about the variety of their many tasty vegetarian dishes if you are new to Nigerian tastes and flavours. These dishes will satisfy even the most avid vegetarian for an enjoyable night out with family and friends.


    A whole host of tasty drinks are on the menu which you can order while you wait for a table. All of the most common and standard drinks are available.

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    Operational Hours

    A2 Delicious Restaurant is opens 7 days of the week and operational hours of this bistro begins at 12:00pm and ends around 12:00am from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays orders are taken between 5:00pm - 12:00am. The timings will suit just about anybody that interested in having some tasty vegetarian food any day of the week.

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    A2 Delicious Restaurant is conveniently located at 77A Rushey Green, Catford London, SE6 4af, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to A2 Delicious Restaurant

    Since there is no tube station in a one mile radius of A2 Delicious Restaurant therefore, travel using a bus service.

    By Bus

    Catford, Rosenthal Road (N-bound)‎ is a bus stop that is few steps away from the A2 Delicious Restaurant. Guests can get there within a minute. View Map

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