Things to Do in London in March

Spring season is the best time to have outdoor fun with your friends and family. In London, it has always been a great time to enjoy all kinds of activities including annual events, spring festivals, water sports and tourism. During this month the temperature normally ranges from 35F to 50F, which makes it enjoyable without putting on heavy and warmth clothing. This month features beautiful sunny days and provides the opportunity to locals and visitors of London to go out and spend their time. A number of events, fairs, and festivals are planned this year, so plan out your monthly schedule for memorable things to do during March in London.


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    Affordable Art Fair, will take place from 15th to 18th March this year. It is an event that gives chance to thousands of people to comes and showcase their arts asthethics and enjoy fun in a friendly artistic enviornment.

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    Ideal Home Show, is an annual event organised in London, which takes place from 16th March to 1st April. More than 600 exhibitors come and display a wide range of their products. This year The Ideal Home Show will celebrate its 104th years long lasting and successive history.

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    St. Patrick's Day, is celebrated on the nearest Sunday to 17th March each year. This year it will be celebrated on 18th March, where you can enjoy St. Patrick's Day Parade annual traditional Festival.

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    The Head of the River Race, will take place on March 17 bringing in over 3500 participants from around the world. This is a perfect fun to enjoy during March for which you should have a full day reserved to experience the heat and excitement there.

  • 5

    Chelsea Antiques Fair, grabs the attention of unique and adorable art loves. This event will bring with itself a huge collection of furnishing and colorful fine arts pieces , and contributions of hundreds of artists working in their own unique style.

  • 6

    Country Living Magazine Spring Fair, is one of the best things to do as this event will take place from 21st to 25th March this year. It is an annual event which gives amazing ideas for the decoration of homes and gardens. 

  • 7

    Vitality Show, is recognized as UK's largest show organized for women each year specifically for fitness, health & beauty and well being of women. Women who take part in this event, definitely feel more calm, relaxed and beautiful. So you must give a try from 22nd to 25th March this year.

  • 8

    Change Clocks to British Summer Time, will take place on 25th March. You are required to go 1 hour forward in time so that the summer timings may apply.

  • 9

    Mothering Sunday, takes place in the month of March, in the city of London. At this occasion, you should spend time with your moms and try to give them all sorts of pleasure, if you are busy enough on other days of the year. This year the date is 25th March.

    For ideas regarding what can you do for your mother on this day, click here.

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    Plan a Tour to enjoy Spring Season, this can be planned for a number of venues locating all around the London. You can visit Thames River, The Great Fosters, Whitechapel Gallery, or any other tourist spot during this spring.

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