Stroud Green Children’s Centre London

Stroud Green Children’s Centre is a part of Stroud Green School that operates a number of projects including primary school, nursery school, pre-school, the hideaway after school club and other enrichment clubs. Centre is located in a multi-storey building at the middle of the Stroud Green community. It is one of the most prestigious day care centres in London. With highly educated and experienced staff, the centre provides 20-day care places for children between two to three years, while it also offers 50-places for children from three to four years of age. The centre also runs an IT suit, which offers professional courses to parents wanting to get employment. It also offers mental and physical health services to the parents.

Visit: Stroud Green Children’s Centre Website


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    Stroud Green Children's Centre Services:

    Stroud Green works to ease off the burden on parents. It provides a number of services to working parents and those who wish to leave their children in safe hands. Their services include:

    Day Care

    Primary School

    Health Services

    Holiday Care

    Baby Group

    Jamboree Play Huts

    Information Sessions

    Nursery Places

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    Operational Hours:

    Centre provides services to children from two to three years of age from 8 am to 5:45 pm through Monday to Friday.

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    How to Contact Stroud Green Children's Centre:

    If you wish to admit your child in Stroud Gren Children’s Centre, you need to visit it and ask for an application form. Once you submit your application form, you will be queued in the waiting list. You can also contact Children’s centre by phone or email.

    Contact: +44 20 7272 4539


    You can also apply by following this link.

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    Stroud Green Children's Centre Location:

    Woodstock Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3EX United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Stroud Green Children's Centre:

    By Tube:

    You can reach the institute if you get off at Finsbury Park tube station. Head northeast on Seven Sisters Road towards Saint Thomas’s road and turn left onto Stroud Green road. Walk about five minutes and take a right turn onto Perth Road to find your destination on the right side of the road. View Map

    By Bus:

    You can also easily reach Children’s centre if you use bus numbers 210, W3 or W7. All these buses drop passengers at Holloway, Tollington Park (S-bound) on Stroud Green road. After leaving the bus, head southeast towards Athelstane Mews and take the first turn onto Perth road. The centre will be on your right.

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