How to Apply Afghanistan Business Visa from London

Mostly people think about Afghanistan as a ground of war, where every now and then bombs are blowing off or gun battles between NATO forces and Taliban are going on. However, in reality, if you visit Afghanistan you’ll be amaze to see the way everyday activities, business trades are concluded, banks are operating normally, people are doing their routine shopping from the markets, local transport is moving, while the streets are filled with crowd like in any other South Asian country.

The entire scene has change since the NATO forces have invaded Afghanistan, new roads and construction is taking place apart from Kabul as well. Moreover, the local government is now also looking to restore their heritage and attractions with the help of coalition partners. Most prominent attractions of Afghanistan are Kabul Museum, Band e Amir, historic Khyber Pass, Minaret Jam, Panjshir Valley and few others. If you are planning to visit Afghanistan to initiate a Business, then this is the best time to put your investment.


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    Applications for ordinary, business and employment must be made in person.

    Provide visa application and supplemental forms after duly signed and completing it. Applicant can complete visa application forms in three different languages Dari, Pashto, and English.

    Your passport should have at least six months validity and one free page for visa.

    Provide two identical photographs taken freshly and with frontal view. Paste a passport size photograph to the appropriate box on the visa form.

    You have to provide a business letter from any company in London. The letter should be printed on the company’s letterhead.

    Queries related to visa can only be made by email at this address: consulate(@)

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    Visa Application Form

    You can get the visa application from either from the embassy of Afghanistan or download it from here.

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    Visa Fee

    One month single entry visa fee is £70, while two months double entry visa charges are £140. To avail the fast track processing of application applicant has to pay double the normal visa fee. See the visa fee table for further details.

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    Payment Mode

    Visa fee and all other charges are ONLY payable in pound sterling or US dollars. No other currencies are accepted for payment.

    As the Business visa applicants have to apply their application in person so they can directly deposit the fee to the bank or can pay by credit or debit card at the Consular Section.

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    Submission and Collection

    Business visa applications can be deposited at the Afghan embassy from: Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 13:30pm, while the visa collection can be done from: Monday through Friday from 2:30am till 3:30pm. This entire activity will take place at:

    Visa Section
    Embassy of Afghanistan in London

    Address: 31 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 1QQ, United Kingdom.

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    Processing Time

    Processing on Business visa application will begin after the embassy receives completed application or applications along with all the necessary documents and payments. In normal cases, visa will be issued to the applicant within four to six working days.

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    Return of Original Documents

    The embassy will return all original documents submitted along with the visa application to the applicant after the due process.

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