How to Make Money from 2012 London Olympics

Olympics being the biggest sports event doesn’t only open doors for sportsmen to perform and win medals, but also creates business and employment opportunities for common men. Olympics where it can be great entertainment for masses, some of you would definitely be working t figure out all possible ways to make money on the occasion.

Hundreds and thousands of athletes and spectators will visit London for 2012 Olympics and certainly they will spend money while they stay. Every single person landing in London to watch Olympics will have enough money to spend during their stay, so think of what else other than Olympics games can attract them and do not forget their basic needs.

To simplify things for you, let’s see some of zero or low investment options for quick business.


  • 1

    Rent out Your Room or House

    About 400,000 visitors are expected to travel to London daily during the Olympics season. The accommodation facilities provided by the Olympics organizing committee and hundreds of hotels and guest houses together won’t be enough for this big number and so other accommodation options will be in high demand. It’s great if you live near to any Olympics Zone, but even if you’re away keeping rates little lower will work great.

    Hurry and get your house or rooms listed at,,, and

    Do check out the latest weekly rates in your area from During the Olympics seasons the rates will definitely go higher and keeping your's a bit lower than average will surely get you tenants instantly. And yes, be careful while handing over the keys, better is to get a contract signed.

  • 2

    Rent out Your Parking Space

    Out of 400,000 daily visitors’ movements in London, a huge number will consist of those coming from nearby cities, using their own cars. Since, it’s already hard to find budget parking in London, during the Olympics season it’ll be at its peak. List your parking space for rent and have a good deal. Use and to let visitors know about your parking space.

    To make some extra cash, you can offer valet services too and charge additional amount. Meet people on airports, tube stations etc, pick their cars, park them at your place and return them when they’re back.

  • 3

    Offer Toilet Services

    If you live in London, whether in a flat or house you must have a toilet facility. Using this facility for making quick money can be a good option as it doesn’t need any investment and demand is quite high. Public toilets in London are not in abundance and the facilities provided by Olympics organizers are certainly not enough to meet the high demand.

    This option for making money during Olympics will work great if you reside nearby an Olympics Zone. Add your service to London Toilet Map.

  • 4

    Offer Private Car Hire

    When there’re too many visitors in the city, many of them need private car hire services in order to move smoothly in the city. If you own a car and you’ve some time free during the Olympics season, your car can definitely earn you a handsome amount that you can use for variety of purposes.
    Add your car for hire at, set a price and get customers.

    Offering car with chauffer service will surely earn more!You can have your message printed over the car and can drive near the Event Zones too!

  • 5

    Become a Tour Guide

    Although Olympics Zones will be flooded with tour operators, still there’re chances for them to miss a huge number of tourists who you can cover up easily. To become a walking tour guide, you’ll need to be present in the Olympic Zones, but since distributing pamphlets and brochures is costly as well as not recommended by the Olympics Organizing Committee, you must come up with something innovative to attract the visitors.

    If you’ve own a car, car van or any other vehicle that can transport people, it’s great to go. Just get your message printed over it and you’re done.

  • 6

    Sell Things to Tourists

    It is one good option with small investment, but the problem is how to sell. Any attempt to sell things as well as advertising them within Olympics Zones without permit from the Committee is strictly prohibited. Well, there’s always a way!

    Selling anything in private premises nearby the Zones is allowed. You can connect this with idea in step 3. People who’re coming to use your toilet can be your customers to buy. And, the products can be anything, i.e. handmade items, scarves, artificial jewelry etc. Think of all other items for which you do not need a license to sell and you’ll find a great deal! Do not forget to check out the terms and regulations guidelines of Olympics Organizing Committee.

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