About The London Coffee Festival

Londoners definitely know how to celebrate food culture. Likewise various other events in which people are given a chance to collectively celebrate food’s importance, since 2011 the London Coffee Festival granted an opportunity to rejoice the significance of coffee. Coffee, the second most desired drink after water, took next to no time in becoming part of people’s daily life. A perfect cup of hot coffee is what people usually crave for in the morning. This magical drink surely knows how to boost up your momentum and provide an energetic start to a day. Whether you are feeling lethargic after spending a busy day at office, or slothful after a long nap, one sip of brewed beverage with a bitter acidic flavor will bring you back to life. So if you are fond of this black stuff then a visit at the London Coffee Festival is definitely worth it.

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    History of London Coffee Festival:

    Though this event has been introduced lately, in 2011, still the fame it has acquired cannot be ignored, approximately 12,000 people became a part of this fete in the initial period. In urge to make the event better and bigger this festival was sponsored by some huge companies along with eminent media partners.

    One whole week of April is celebrated as UK Coffee Week. Various celebrations are made, among which London Coffee Festival is the most important event. The basic aim behind rejoicing this week is to donate the collected money to Allegra Foundation, so that deprived African families are provided with the actual necessities of life.

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    Dates & Duration:

    London Coffee Festival is held in April for three consecutive days. The exact dates, however, are decided a couple of months prior to the event. For 2012, dates are April 27 to 29!

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    Each year the event is held at various themed locations. In 2011 the locations were Hyde Park, Soho, Shoreditch, The Hub, The Plantation and The Lab while for 2012 it's Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

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    Tickets & Entry

    At a very reasonable price, you can buy your tickets and acquire complete information about the available deals and offers on the London Coffee Festival Tickets.

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    What's Exciting at London Coffee Festival:

    All kinds of special teas along with variety of coffees will be obtainable. The attractive coffee art will not only be seen, but some expert coffee makers will also teach you with common techniques of making your cup of coffee presentable.

    Besides coffee, high quality fresh gourmet food will also be obtainable, which will definitely compliment your cup of coffee.

    In order to make the event full of excitement a band will be playing some lovely live music, so that you can enjoy the festival with glee.

    Visitors will also be given a chance to make their own special cup of coffee, under the supervision of an expert coffee maker.

    Along with the availability of Cimbali WCE GTHD machine, special coffee making tips will be given by professional baristas, who have earned huge name in the industry.

    By using signature blends United Kingdom’s out class baristas and roaster will display their skills and techniques.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at London Coffee Festival:

    If a hot cup of coffee has become your morning ritual, then you will certainly feel that your visit at the festival was special.

    Instead of sitting back home or spending the entire day in cleaning, call your friends and arrange a visit at the festival. Besides tasting your favorite drink you will definitely gather a lot of information about the black stuff.

    Coffee experts will be available at the festival, if you have an queries related to your coffee making procedure, they will be very grateful to answer your questions.

    Though the event is not for children, but they can make this visit special for their parents or grandparents by buying a ticket for them. They will be surprised by your sweet gesture.

    The actual purpose of this event is to collect donation for deprived African community. Your visit will automatically become special when you will understand the noble cause, for which you have been there.

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