How to Get Office Space on Rent in London

Usually it is suggested to new entrepreneurs, that instead of purchasing an office space in London they should get a work place on rental basis, because businesses always demands finance and insufficiency of funds can lead to lot of problems for any businessman. Therefore, it is of great benefit that a businessman should always keep some extra funds for crucial situations rather than miss-utilizing it. Due to this very reason, office spaces for rent are always remain an option in British Capital. However, to find a best deal in rental property businessman has to do some smart things, which are explained in this step by step guide.


  • 1

    Determine Requirements

    In order to find an office space on rental basis in London, first determine how much rent you can afford to pay. Do consider some of the requirements that are given below:

    (a) How much space do you need?

    (b) Which location in the city suits you or your business?

    (c) You want office space on a higher floor or at ground level?

    (d) Need car parking space outside your office or not?

    (e) You are looking to have a newly constructed office space or a refurbish place will do the job?

    (f) Don’t forget to make sure that amenities should not be too far from your new office.

  • 2

    Get in Touch with a Real Estate Dealer

    After tracking the aforementioned requirements get in touch with a reputed real estate dealer, as they maintain record of properties that are available for rent out.

    (a) Grosvenor International

    (b) Central Estate Agents

    (c) Foxtons Islington Estate Agents

    Once you settle with a real estate dealer, express him or her about your budget and other requirements mentioned in Step 1. So he or she could track some office spaces in London that meets or are close to your requirements.

  • 3

    Search Online

    If any reason real estate agent’s option don’t look viable to you then, its alternate choice will be online search of rental properties, visit the following links for assistance:

    (a) Visit Free Office Finder Website

    (b) Visit Gumtree Website

    (c) Visit Match Office Website

  • 4

    Search Newspapers

    You can also find rental property ads published in the local newspapers. You can get your hands on a fresh copy of newspaper from your nearest newspaper stand.

    (a) Visit Telegraph Website

    (b) Visit The Times Website

    (c) Visit The Guardian Website

  • 5

    Short List

    After going through available rental properties, short-list a few properties that meets your criteria and then decide which of them you are going to stick with.

  • 6

    Make Offer

    After finalizing an office space, make an offer to the landlord of the property. If he or she accepts your offer then, you have to deposit some amount as advance after the completion of all legal formalities. In addition to that the landlord will also demand few personal references, bank statements and credit history (if any) from you.

  • 7

    Hire a Solicitor or Lawyer

    Subsequent to that you need to hire a solicitor/lawyer in order to handle the legal documentation that will take place between property-owner and tenant (you).

    (a) Fuglers

    (b) Thomas Moore

    (c) Lester Dominic Solicitors

  • 8


    When all necessary legal documentation is over, you will submit two months’ rent in advance to the property-owner together with security, list of personal references, bank statement and credit history (if any). After the submission of funds and documents landlord will provide the keys of the office space, so you can take the property under your possession.

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