How To Get House To House Collections Licence In London

Our professional life and personal commitments occupy us to such an extent that we forget to look around and pay heed to the under privileged and destitute people. If you are bothered by the plight of the needy people around you and want to serve the lesser privileged by collecting door to door donations (money or clothing etc.) then you will need a license for this purpose.  The house to house collections license in London is issued by the Metropolitan Police and the regulations for this purpose are defined under the House to House Collection Act 1939 and the House to House Regulations 1947.

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    Filling in the Application Form

    Fill and obtain the application form properly. If you are representing your own charity then you will be required to explain the purpose of your charity. However, if you are working for another charity then a letter needs to be attached from that charity detailing that they have allowed you to make the collections for them.

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    Submission of Application

    Submit the application form to the charities office of Metroploitan Police after you have filled it in.

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    Location of Metropolitan Police

    Charities Office, Empress State Building,12th Floor East, Lillie Road, London SW6 1TR, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Metropolitan Police office

    By Tube

    From the West Brompton tube station you need to move Southwest on the Lillie road to reach the Metroploitan Police Office at Empress state building. To have a look at the detailed route map, click Walking Directions.

    By Bus

    The bus stop “Fulham Pools (Stop BL)” is located at Lillie road. Buses numbering 74, 190, 430, N74 and N97 reach this bus stop. After you get off the bus at the bus stop, keep moving on Lillie road to reach the Metroploitan Police Office at Empress state building.

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