How to Travel from London to York

Lying just beside the river Ouse and Foss, the York is a walled city which always has a strong influence on the political history of the United Kingdom. One of the oldest cities in the World, the York lies about 208 miles away from the London and can be reached in a number of ways. However, the best option to travel from London to York is by Train because it will take about 2 hours and 7 minutes only. Besides train, there are a large number of transport services that are working throughout the year to take travellers from London to York. However, there is no airport available in York but personal vehicle can be best way to save time.


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    Travel By Car

    There are two routes to reach York by car or personal vehicle. However, both the routes will take about 3 hours and 50 minutes to cover 208 miles from Central London to York, you can select M1, which is the easiest way to reach your destination. For the Complete route map Check Directions from London to York.

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    Travel By Bus

    Bus is another convenient way to travel from London to York. There are number of Bus services working in London, all of these have different fares and provide diverse packages with various facilities and also leave at different timings of the day. So, according to your time frame, you need to book a place in any of these bus services. At least all bus services used to take about 4 hours to travel from London to York.

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    Travel By Train

    Train is the easiest way to cover this long distance. It usually takes about 2 hours and 07 minutes to cover 210 miles distance from the Piccadilly Line in Central London to York Rail Station. However, you should book your place in advance to avoid inconvenience. You can check the complete time table of the Piccadilly Circus Station by visiting the link given below.

    Click to See the Complete Time Table.

    In order to decide your journey according to your ease, visit the following sites.

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