Banks near East Acton Tube Station London

East Acton town tube station is an underground station in the western region of London. Thousands of travelers travel through the station everyday which has given rise to many shops, restaurants, hotels and other amenities around the station. All this business activity has also attracted banks and financial organizations to the locality to help serve the commuters, businesses and residents of the area. This makes it very convenient for travelers passing through East Acton station to make a quick stop and retrieve cash, deposit checks, wire money or buy other financial products. The banks that have constructed branches near East Acton are of a varied nature and include worldwide institutions, regional banks and some UK based companies.


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    NatWest is a well known financial institute in the United Kingdom. They are also considered to be the largest commercial and retail banking chain in Britain. This location offers personal banking, private banking, business banking and commercial banking.

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    Lloyds TSB Bank PLC is a recent creation after the merger of Lloyds bank and TSB group. The branch, which is 1.2 miles south west of the station, offers retail banking including online and ATM services.

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    Nationwide is a building society which offers you current accounts, saving accounts, loans, credit cards, mortgages, insurance and guidance on securing your assets. It is 1.3 miles away from East Acton.

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    HSBC is a well known international bank with branches all over the UK. This Hong Kong based financial institution offers banking, saving and investment products. The branch is 1.5miles east of East Acton station.

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    Jamaica National Building Society is situated in Uxbridge road, London. It is a building society that helps Britons with mortgages for homes and apartments. It is 1.2 miles away from East Acton Station.

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    Santander offers loans, insurance and credit cards to its customers. Besides retail products, this regional bank can offer international transactions as well.

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    Barclays Bank PLC gives customers current accounts, saving accounts, mortagages, investment products, credit cards and online banking.

  • 8

    The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC is the largest international bank and has many branches all over UK. It offers you personal banking, private banking, business banking and corporate banking.

  • 9

    Halifax is a chain of banks in UK and part of Bank of Scotland. It is one of the largest provider of mortgages and saving accounts and their slogan states, "A Little Extra Help." It is in walking distance from East Acton station.

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    Cheltenham & Gloucester PLC is situated in kings street, London and has its focus on mortgages and saving products. It is 1.9 milesaway from East Acton station.

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