Parking at Waterloo Tube Station London

Ideally located, the Waterloo tube station in Central London is at the heart of an exceptionally busy area in the city, and the location witnesses a constant and heavy flow of traffic daily, in addition to the hustle and bustle caused by all the commuters at the tube station. Naturally, this means that parking in the area around the Waterloo tube station is a major concern, and a free space can at times be almost impossible to find.

Most streets in Central London have parking meters, with the parking bay marked out. Some of the marked parking places near the Waterloo tube station permit you to use them for a designated period of time, with the details marked out on the meter.

In addition to parking meters, there is also a large number of car parks in London. The locations of these car parks are marked out on street signs with a white “P” on a blue background. In addition to the “P”, there is also often an arrow which indicates the direction in which you need to go in order to find the car park. There are a variety of private parking spaces that are available near the Waterloo tube station – here, you can securely park your car, at the cost of a very reasonable parking fare.


  • 1


    This is a parking space near the Waterloo tube station, with an hourly fare for those who wish to park their vehicles.

  • 2

    National Car Parks

    This is yet another parking space near the Waterloo tube station that provides a secure car parking service.

  • 3

    Southbank Centre Car Park

    This is an open air car parking space with reasonable fare and a secure area to park your car.

  • 4

    Universal Parking

    This is a secure car parking facility near the Waterloo tube station, which also welcomes interested parties to purchase a permanent parking account, if they wish.

  • 5

    1st for Storage Car Park

    This is a car parking area that offers parking facilities at 10.80 sterling pound per day.

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