Coffee Shops near Bank Station London

Bank station is in the heart of London and sees all types of commuters pass through it including businessmen, professoinals and students. It was opened in 1900 has given the British capital almost 112 years of services and is till in good working condition. It serves a considerable population of the area including people that live, indivduals who work in the are and tourists. With so many different types of people coming through the station, many coffe shops have popped up around the area. They try to cater to all differnt types of tastes and a traveler should be able to find their choice of refreshment near Bank Station. During the winter season winters, the coffee shops in the area are packed with a large number of people. Following are the available sites near this station where you can enjoy coffee on your visit to Bank Station London.


  • 1

    Club Quarters, Grace Church has a very nice coffee bar locating just close to the location of the Bank station London.

  • 2

    Royal Exchange Grand Cafe & Bar serves everyday locating in the heart of the UK capital London.  Its beautiful look and luxury style of serving coffee and food make it prominent. It may be a bit expensive but delicious coffee tastes are guaranteed.

  • 3

    Threadneedles Hotel London can be a very nice place to enjoy coffee with your friends and family. It is just a few minutes away from the Station.

  • 4

    Apex London Wall Hotel serves special coffee for its visitors. The location is not so far away from where the station locates. The below mentioned address will guide you to find out this option to enjoy coffee.

  • 5

    Taylor St Baristas ensures you that with the very first sip, your expectations will radically transform. The rest of coffee will ask you to enjoy coffee again and again.

  • 6

    Grange St. Pauls Hotel 5 London is a few steps away from the station and may take some time to reach there. It serves coffee and other meals with a very friendly staff.

  • 7

    Pavarottis Sandwich Bar is serving fine quality food for over 20 years of service. It is not more than 10 minutes away from Station.

  • 8

    City Caphe offers 3 times meal and drinks to enjoy.  Coffee is a special product of this Veitnamese Food bar. 

  • 9

    Costa Coffee is the best available option for coffee lovers of London having frenchises all over the city. It may not take so long for you to reach there from station.

  • 10

    One New Change Shopping Centre can offer you to enjoy coffee from a number of bars inside of it. It may be at 10 minutes from Bank Station.  

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