List of Belgian Restaurants in London

In London, you’ll hit upon a sparkling blend of societies and cultures living in close proximity to each other. If you are looking to spend evening out, you should try one of the great Belgian restaurants in London. With the close proximity of the British Capital to mainland Europe, London has some of the best Belgian venues and cooks in the world. Choosing a location to dine out can be a little tricky because you want to make sure that the Belgian restaurant serves the dishes that you like and is within your budget. Location and reputation are other factors that will influence your choice. Below you will find a list of Belgian restaurants in London that will help you make a prior choice:


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    Belgo Centraal, is one of the best Belgian restaurants in London. It offers the best deals to its customers. This eatery is best for good food, hot venues, outdoor and special occasions. Apart from that, it gives special offers to customers in form of discount time-to-time.

    Belgo Noord, is another Belgian restaurant in London, which provides light and decent environment to its

    Belgo-Kingsway, is a Belgian food restaurant in London which serves good menu and deals to its visitors. Dishes are of different types and contains a choice for the new customers.

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    Brouge, is one of the famous Belgian Restaurants in London because of its taste and different meals and menu. Dishes includes belgian beer, moules frites, belgian waffles, belgium and mussels.

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    Lowlander, is also good Belgian restaurant in London. It offers the booking service for dinning to its guests with best deals.

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    Cafe LUC, serves Belgian food to its visitors in light and decent environment. This café provides the very decent dinning environment to visitors.

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    La Porte Des Indes, is basically an indian cuisine but having a different Belgian colonies like blue elephant, magret de canard and pork vindaloo.

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    The Dove Tail, is basically a pub but it is a popular Belgian food restaurant in London. All the burgers are made from 100% traceable meats with the freshest herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.

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    Belgique Brasserie – Westferry, all foods are prepared fresh to order, with artisanal bread & pastries baked throughout the day. Fresh continental delicatessen & chocolates.

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    Troy Cafe, is another Belgian food cafe in London, which serves good quality and taste food to customers. Its dishes are almost same to other Belgian eateries but it is economical to all people.

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