List of Persian Restaurants in London

Persian restaurants in London are famous for their kebabs, dill rice, nans and succulent roasted meats. Apart from the mouthwatering taste, the serving style and traditional approach is what adds further to the delight of eating at a Persian restaurant. On weekends, Persian restaurants are the top priority for Londoners and Persian immigrants to dine out. If you have yet to experience the taste of a Persian restaurant or are planning to find the best restaurants in London, here is a list of Persian restaurants in London to make your search easier.


  • 1

    Zeytoon Restaurant is a popular Persian cuisine in the capital of United Kingdom which is famous for variety of Persian recipes.

  • 2

    Hafez Restaurant, is the place for authentic Persian cookery. The restaurant offers all major Persian dishes in the traditional style.

  • 3

    Persia Restaurant serves specializes in Persian food. The restaurant in popular for its traditional taste and lively environment which makes it a must visit place.

  • 4

    Kandoo Restaurant, deals in a number of international cookery including Persian. The place is absolutely amazing and the price you pay against the food is worth paying.

  • 5

    Cheminee Persian, is one of the best Persian restaurant in London which offers delicious food in competitive cost as compared to some of the other restaurants in the city.

  • 6

    Chella restaurant, will give you a complete Persian restaurant experience from cookery style to serving the food. The place has a great ambience and everything is cooked fresh and in time.

  • 7

    Kateh Restaurant, is located in the central part of London which provides authentic Persian dishes and serving in a warm and cozy environment.

  • 8

    Little Persia, is the place to find delicious and unique Persian recipes in the traditional style. The place is quite big and perfect for arranging a party or celebration.

  • 9

    Pardis Restaurant, is a famous Persian restaurant providing all kinds of Persian recipes. The food is prepared by experienced and specialized cooks in order to maintain the taste of a typical Persian cuisine.

  • 10

    Deeyar Restaurant, offers a delightful selection of grilled meat, vegetables and succulent in Persian cookery. The restaurant also provides take away service.

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