Margaret McMillan Nursery School London

Along with a day care center and nursery, Margaret McMillan Nursery School was inaugurated in March 1991. The school is running under the plans of Islington, which aims to establish an institute where besides quality education, a perfect environment is also provided where child can adapt all good things of the society. The best part of this institute is that they give children a chance to enjoy  cultural diversity instead of growing racism and social negativity. Various events are held in which children along with their parents participate in different activities and spend some leisure time together. Children having disability issues are given special attention so that they can easily adjust themselves in the environment. Under the supervision of reliable and well educated staff, the kids are endowed with a perfect atmosphere for their well being.

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    Margaret McMillan Nursery School Services:

    Family support is granted to parents who are facing various difficulties in providing their children quality education.

    Workshops and discussions are held in which tips and suggestions are given in order to make their child’s life an ideal one.

    Though children are allowed to bring food from home, still fresh food containing high rate of nutrients is also obtainable at the nursery.

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    Operational Hours Margaret McMillan Nursery School:

    Monday to Friday, 8:00 am till 5:45 pm is when the nursery is open.

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    How to Contact Margaret McMillan Nursery School:

    In case of any queries you can directly pay a visit at the nursery, but the best option would be to contact the administration and get an appointment fixed.

    Contact: +44 20 7281 2745

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    Careers & Training at Margaret McMillan Nursery School:

    McMillan Nursery School has always kept their doors open for hiring new people who are interested in being a part of this humble effort. If you wish to join the nursery as a teacher, then make use of the email address cited below:


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    Margaret McMillan Nursery School Location:

    Hornsey Rise, Islington, London N19 3SF, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to Margaret McMillan Nursery School

    By Tube:

    From Archway underground it takes 15 minutes of walk to cover 0.7 mile distance all the way to Margaret McMillan Nursery School. After coming out of the station, move North on St John’s Way/A1. Head towards Hazellvile Road and then on the Sunnyside Road. Take a right turn in order to walk onto Hornsey Rise/A103. After covering 184 feet distance, you will reach the Margaret McMillan Nursery School. For further information Click Here!

    By Bus:

    Upper Holloway, Sunnyside Road St John's Way (Stop H) is in the vicinity of the nursery. If you take route number 41 or N41 from Tottenham Hale, or 210 from Finsbury Park then you will reach your destination in approximately 8 minutes.

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