How To Get Skip Operators Licence In London

Skip operator licence is basically required to move a skip from one place to another. A skip is also known as a waste bin or rubbish skip. The top of skips are not covered, as these are designed for delivery in a particular type of lorry. These skips are handled by fully trained persons. However, training is not the only thing that is required to move a skip. Therefore, people apply for a skip operator’s licence in London with the help of Skip Providers. The process and requirements to obtain a skip operator’s licence in the British capital are mentioned in this article for the assistance of people who are not familiar with this procedure.


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    Licence Summary:

    The skip operator licence can be obtained by contacting a listed Skip Provider, who then applies for the licence on a person’s behalf. Licence will be issued only to those companies that are registered with the local authorities. On the other hand those who are already registered should get in touch with their local authority for further assistance. Click here to find your local authority. 

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    The main requirements to obtain a skip operator’s licence in London are:

    - Only skip providers can apply for this kind of licence.
    - A skip operator needs to provide documents of £10 million Public Liability Insurance (may vary from council to council).
    - Also need to provide Waste Traders Licence (may vary from council to council).
    - Deposit correct fee.
    - Local authority will charge administration fee if the licence is being issued for the placements of skips on highway.

    To know further requirements for skip operator’s licence, contact your local authority.

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    Process on Application:

    Once all the requirements are fulfilled, the application for skip operator’s licence will be submitted to the local authority. The local council will then try to process it as soon as possible. Usually it takes one week to issue the skip operator’s licence. However, it depends on whether all the required documents are provided. Moreover, the duration of issuing a skip operator’s licence may vary from council to council.

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    Tacit Consent:

    Due to the safety and public interest of the people, tacit consent does not apply in skip operator’s licence case. Therefore, a person cannot operate a skip without having a licence from the local authority.

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