About Jazz Festivals in London

The London Jazz Festival is a famous music gala that takes place in different venues of the British capital. This Jazz Festival is organised regularly each year in the month of November and its duration is around nine to ten days. This amazing festival brings together not only jazz artists from United Kingdom, but also from America, Europe and other parts of the world. Each year their eclectic line up showcases contemporary jazz music which thrills music lovers in London with their outstanding live music. This varied range of jazz artists in London Jazz Festival includes solo performances as well as loud big band numbers. So if you are jazz listener, get ready to roll each November, as London Jazz Festival will sweep you off your feet with its rocking line-up of artists.

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    The keystone for the London Jazz Festival was placed by the London Borough of Camden way back in 1970s, when this council started Jazz Week in their well-established Camden Festival. However, Jazz Week in Camden Festival grabbed the heat when it started bringing in American artists to the British capital, along with several European and UK artists. Due to these efforts, Jazz Week became a big hit and later on it became a separate entity. This was the start of the journey and today people know it as London Jazz Festival.

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    The Jazz Festival brings a wide array of world’s most premium modern jazz artists to London where people get to enjoy bands as well as solo performances. As a result of this, a lot of activity takes place in the capital and people not only from London, but from various other cities of United Kingdom arrive at this city to enjoy this amazing festival.

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    Important Dates

    The Jazz Festival is usually held in November (in the middle of this month).

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    The Jazz Festival in London stretches over a span of 10 days.

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    How to Contact

    For enquiries related to London Jazz Festival, people in the United Kingdom and abroad can use the following phone and fax numbers:

    Phone: +44 20 7324 1880
    +44 20 7324 1881

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    The ticket prices of London Jazz Festival vary according to the venue and performances therefore to have accurate idea about it, click here.

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    Kingsway Place Sans Walk, London, Greater Kingsway Place, London, Greater London EC1R 0LU, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get there

    By Tube

    Farringdon tube station is about 9 minutes walk from Kingsway Place Sans Walk as the gap between them is 0.4 miles. So if a person heads north on Turnmill Street towards Benjamin Street from this London Underground station then turns right onto Clerkenwell Green, it will bring him or her to a left turn onto Clerkenwell Close from where that individual should turn right by staying on Clerkenwell Close in order to locate the destination on the right. Directions from Farringdon tube station to Kingsway Place Sans Walk.

    By Bus

    Bowling Green Lane (Stop CL) is 0.2 miles away from Kingsway Place Sans Walk and by walk one can cover this distance between these two sites in roughly 3 minutes. After arriving at this bus stop by using bus numbers 63 or N63, all a bus user needs to do is head southeast on Farringdon Road/A201 towards Bowling Green Lane and then turn left onto Bowling Green Lane. This will bring the bus user to a right turn onto Clerkenwell Close and after taking that turn, the destination can be found on the left side a few feet away. Direction from Bowling Green Lane (Stop CL) to Kingsway Place Sans Walk.

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