Horse Guards Parade Army Barracks in London

The Horse Guards Parade is a big parade ground in Whitehall that can be found in central London. This site has a long history, as it was initially formed as a part of Palace of Whitehall during King Henry VIII’s period. However, it has not lost its sparkling touch even today, as it is still a workplace of current General Officer Commanding London District. Moreover, numerous military ceremonies also keep taking place at Horse Guards Parade after regular intervals all through the year. These ceremonies also include the mark of Queen’s official birthday known as Trooping the Colour. Plus visitors also gather at Horse Guards Parade every month to watch the changing of the guards. This makes Horse Guards Parade one of the most popular attractions in the capital.


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    History of Horse Guards Parade:

    The Horse Guards Parade was initially a part of the royal residence called Palace of Whitehall. Various tournaments like jousting etc used to be held at Horse Guards Parade in the era of King Henry VIII. Annual celebrations like the birthday of Queen Elizabeth I also used to be held at this very site. Since the dawn of 17th century, Horse Guards Parade was more than often used for parades, reviews and other ceremonies. Horse Guards Parade also used to be the headquarters of the British forces at one time.

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    Things to See at Horse Guards Parade:

    - Military Ceremonies
    - Trooping the Colour
    - Monuments
    - Trophies

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements at Horse Guards Parade:

    Visitors can enter into Horse Guards Parade free of charge to watch various ceremonies related with the military changing of guards.

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    Events at Horse Guards Parade:

    Events like changing of guards, Mounted sentries (after every hour) and various military ceremonies take place at this site during different periods of the year.

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    Operational Hours of Horse Guards Parade:

    The operational hours of Horse Guards Parade from Monday to Saturday are 11:00 am till 11:00 pm, whereas on Sundays, activities take place at this venue between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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    How to Contact Horse Guards Parade:

    People who want to make contact with the administration of Horse Guards Parade should visit this site in person.

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    Location of Horse Guards Parade:

    Whitehall, London, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Horse Guards Parade:

    By Tube

    Charing Cross tube station is about 6 minutes walk and 0.3 miles away from Horse Guards Parade. Therefore, if a commuter heads south towards Northumberland Avenue/A400 from this tube station and then exits the roundabout onto The Mall. This will lead the commuter to a left turn onto Horse Guards Road, from where the destination can be located on the left side after covering some distance. Directions from Charing Cross tube station to Horse Guards Parade.

    By Bus

    Horse Guards Parade (Stop) is 0.3 miles away from Horse Guards Parade, which makes it a 5 minutes walking journey. If a person heads south on Whitehall/A3212 towards Downing Street/Richmond Terrace from this bus stop then, turns right onto Downing Street and later turns right onto Horse Guards Road, he or she will soon find the destination on the right. Bus numbers that have stops at Horse Guards Parade (Stop) are 3, 11, 12, 24, 87, 88, 159, 453, N3, N11, N44, N52, N87 and more. Directions from Horse Guards Parade (Stop) to The Horse Guards Parade.

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