Brixton Tube Station London

Brixton tube station is one of the busiest stations of London underground. It serves the district of Brixton. the station started operating on 23rd July 1971 and according to recent estimates it processes around 21 million passengers annually.

The station provides the facilities for partially sighted and blind people, dogs assistance for people with hearing problems along with all basic facilities for general commuters. The access of the station is via Brixton road from where you have to go 30 steps down as its an underground station.The same route is used for exit.

The area around Brixton Tube Station is mostly residential and so there’s plenty of shops, stores, coffee shops and restaurants etc located nearby. The town has lots of visitors coming by to meet the relatives, or some time for tourism and staying long as well. For those who live nearby the Brixton Tube Station or visiting the place, here is a list of all important places and facilities that they might be looking for. Places to explore near Brixton Tube Station.


  • 1

    Restaurants & Coffee Shops; the people living nearby the Brixton Tube Station shouldn’t be facing any problem when it comes to coffee shops or restaurants because there's plenty of them available just nearby the station.

    Franco Manca Ltd
    Satay Bar
    Asmara Restaurant
    Baan Thai
    Dogstar Bar & Café
    Rosie's Deli Café
    Wild Caper

  • 2

    Clubs & Bars; for the residents living nearby the station or those who are traveling through tube and stopping by and want to have drink, here're some places full of fun.

    Plan B
    Club 414
    The Prince
    Living Bar
    The Beehive

  • 3

    Hotels & Accommodation; those who are looking for a place to stay in Brixton here are some hotels and other accommodation options within a distance of 1 mile.

    Sackville Travel Services Ltd
    London Hotel
    Friendly Almshouses
    Kabo Hostel

  • 4

    Sights and Attractions; if you are away from work and business and want to go for some sightseeing, recreation and enjoyment, here are some parks and other attractions nearby.

    Windrush Square
    Saint Matthew's Garden
    Ritzy Picturehouse

  • 5

    Schools & Colleges; students who are looking for an educational institute nearby the Brixton Tube Station here are some schools, colleges and other educational services for you to choose.

    South Chelsea College & School Of English
    Mellowfruit Network Support & Training
    S C B S College
    E-Manuals Driving School

  • 6

    Gift & Bookshops; for people who are fond of reading books or visiting their loved ones and looking for a perfect gift, here're some really good shops.

    Beautiful Books
    Ikosi Creations
    All Eyes On Egypt

  • 7

    Health & Beauty Services; there exist a list of beauty parlors, saloons and health clubs near Brixton Tube Station.

    Fitness First
    Afro Beauty Shop
    Model Beauty Ltd

  • 8

    Emergency Services; in case of an emergency near Brixton Tube Station there are police stations and fire emergency service whom you can contact immediately.

    Metropolitan Police Service
    Gresham Rd Brixton Police Stn (Stop K)
    Brixton Fire Station
    Brixton Police Station
    Camberwell Police Station
    Cavendish Road Police Station
    Clapham Police Station

  • 9

    Hospitals & clinics; for any medical issues, if you are near the Brixton Tube Station you can always visit the nearest doctor. Follow the list below.

    Brixton Therapy Centre
    Pavilion Dental Centre
    Pavilion Medical Centre
    No+Vello Brixton Clinic
    Acupuncture and Tui na Massage
    Philippa Summers at Brixton Therapy Centre

  • 10

    Shopping Malls; if you are planning to do some real time shopping, there is a shopping mall located nearby the Brixton Tube Station from where you can buy some quality products of your choice under one roof without hassle of traveling here and there.

    Africa Shopping Centre

  • 11

    Childcare Centres; this service is for all those working parents who are busy and want someone to take care of their children. There are some child care and day care nurseries and centers on walking distance from Brixton Tube Station.

    Ferndale Road Day Nursery
    The Fostering Partnership
    Little Angels

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