How to Report a Drug Crime in London

UK’s market that deals in drugs is considered to be earning around 4 billion pounds to 6.6 billion pounds while only Class A type of drug usage has resulted in a negative impact of 15.4 billion pounds of cost to the crime and health related issues annually.

This is a glaring example of how common the menace is. But what is surprising is that many people think only supplying drugs can be a cause of legal action in London, which is governed by the English law, but this can’t be far from the truth because even using drugs can land you in trouble – with a huge fine and even a sentence!

Therefore, to not only keep yourself and your surroundings safe, but also ease off the pressure on the national exchequer, one should, without hesitation report drug crime where he/she sees it. And that can only be done if one knows how to report a drug crime in London.


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    It should be known that the drugs are classified in different categories which attract different penalties, as well as the fact of them being in mere possession or whether they were being supplied.

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    This categorization is based on how dangerous those drugs are, with category A having the most harmful and dangerous drugs like heroine and cocaine. Class B has drugs that are not as dangerous as the ones in Class A but they are still harmful, for example cannabis. And the last one, Class C drugs are the least dangerous but they are still illegal for example a few tranquilizers.

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    Class A drugs can have unlimited fine and/or up to 7 years in prison while Class B has an unlimited fine and/or up to 5 years in prison whereas drugs classified in Class C can land up in 2 years in prison and/or unlimited fine. These penalties are only for their possession. If caught supplying the drugs, even to friends of where no money is involved, it has more severe punishments.

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    If seen supplying or possessing drugs, the London Metropolitan Police should be contacted at 999 for emergency and 101 for non-emergency cases.

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    If the drugs are being possessed or supplied by a youth (anybody under the age of 18) then the Youth Justice Board should be contacted.

    Address: Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, 1 Drummond Gate, London, SW1V 2QZ. View Map.
    +44 20 3372 8000



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