List of Dental Technicians in London

If you are looking for someone in London to  create, construct, design or modify portable dental appliances like dentures, then dental technicians can get the job done for you.

These dental technologists make dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients’ appearance, speech and their ability to chew. However, you usually do not contact a dental technician directly and have to make an appointment with a dentist first. The dental technician will then work on the dentist’s prescription and use a wide range of materials, including gold, porcelain and plastic, to design and construct implants.

If you need something for your dental work and are searching for dental technicians in London, this StepbyStep guide will help you choose one that is best suited to your needs.


  • 1

    Avetoom Dental Laboratory deals with crowns and bridges, pressed ceramics, ceramics, dentures, dental repairs, copy dentures, chrome cobalt, gold castings. Emergency service are also available at every time.

  • 2

    Brooker & Hamill is one of the best dental laboratories of London, mainly focusing on crown & bridge implant and attachment work.

  • 3

    Dental Excellence is proud to be the City of London’s first Dental Technology Centre, located in the heart of the business district at No.1 Bow Lane. It was founded by one of the profession’s most forward thinking technologists.

  • 4

    Oral Design created a network of uniquely talented ceramists throughout the world. Today they are the ambassadors for Oral Design Foundation which promotes excellence and education in aesthetic dentistry.

  • 5

    Technique Dental Laboratory is a long established laboratory focused on high end cosmetic dentistry. Their emphasis on quality does not however mean that their prices are not competitive.

  • 6

    Amber Dental Laboratories are the one of the most experienced technicians in London. They provide their clients with satisfactory services and have almost every kind of dentistry equipment.

  • 7

    Hagan Brown Dental Laboratory provides complete dentures, partial dentures, denture repairs, implant retained dentures, anti-snoring devices, personalised sports mouth guards, general oral check ups, pre-treatment consultations and post treatment check ups.

  • 8

    Barbican Dental Care have got five practices to choose from, two in Canary Wharf, two in The City and one in the West End. All their dentists have a minimum of 10 years of experience, so you can be reassured that you are in safe and capable hands.

  • 9

    Ewan Maclean Dental Practice is a popular dental laboratory where the treatment and facilities available in the fields of Cosmetic & Restorative dentistry as well as Dental Implant & Root Canal/ Endodontic work are among the most up to date available.

  • 10

    Bremadent Premier (Bristol) Ltd feels proud in offering the highest level of quality and service available to the industry. Their dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced technicians are able to provide the very best in aesthetics and functionality.

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