Pre Employment Screening Program in London

Whenever you enter into a new organization as an applicant or as a new employee your employer will definitely start the procedure of check in order to see whether the information you have provided in the resume is true or false. Likewise in other cities this procedure is applicable in London as well.  This sort of check is considered important so that in future healthy relationships are maintained or else along with you and your employer the company might also sacrifice. Besides the data provided in your CV there are several other checks which are carried out, but these checks also depends upon the nature of your job. After reading this article you will be able to know that what types of checks are required and you may face while applying for a job or being hired.


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    The foremost check which is made by the employer or the organization itself is to investigate whether the employee is legally permitted to work in London, United Kingdom. This sort of check is compulsory because if later on it is revealed that the person has been living illegally then the government might press charges on you and your organization as well.

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    The next important aspect which is investigated is the references which you have provided in your resume. Besides that in a referential check the company might contact your previous employer to know the status of your work and your level of performance.

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    Although there are some organization who check the employee’s background, but if an employee is not willing to unveil his or her ethnicity then the organization has no right to force you to tell them because their basic aim is to judge on the basis of your talent.

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    Health check is also carried out and this depends upon the nature of the job not all organizations in London asks for medical report and if anyone does then they are recommended to keep it confidential.

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    There is no as such qualification check procedure because while going out for an interview you should bring your degrees and certificates along which are basically the proof of your level of education.

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    The last check which carried out is the criminal record check. This check is yet another important check which should be done by every organization so that you can easily remain aware of the future crisis and issues. If the employee is applying for a job in police, a welfare organization, forces, as an accountant, or any legal firm then this check is done on the prior basis.

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