How to Get Burundi Tourist Visit Visa from London

Burundi is located in eastern Africa and is completely surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some British tourists might be turned off by Burundi’s distinction of being one of the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest GDP on the planet. However, adventurers from the United Kingdom will find a new world in Burundi’s lakes, nature reserve parks, spectacular waterfalls and the diverse landscape ranging from strange rocky heaps to fertile green countryside. Tourists from London may also be inspired by the rich cultural heritage, the charming sounds of drums and the exquisite dance and music this African country proudly presents. Step by step how to get a tourist visa for Burundi from London will guide you in getting a visa for Burundi and take a trip that you will not forget.


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    British Nationals

    British nationals require a visa to enter Burundi. An internationally accepted yellow fever vaccination certificate is also needed to be produced before entering the country. The possibility of getting visas upon arrival is available but it is also suggested that a visa may be obtained prior to traveling.

    Other nationals

    All nationals need a visa for entry in to Burundi with some east African countries’ nationals being given the exemption. An internationally accepted yellow fever vaccination certificate is needed to be shown before entering Burundi. There is a possibility of getting a visa upon arrival but it is suggested that a visa may be procured before traveling to avoid any inconvenience.

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    Visa requirements

    Some documents required are listed below to obtain a visa for Burundi.

    a)      A valid passport with 6-months after the return with blank visa pages
    b)      2 recent passport-size photographs
    c)      Internationally accepted vaccination certificate against yellow fever
    d)      Complete details of plane tickets or  itinery and accommodation
    e)      Visa fee

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    Submission of  visa application

    You have to contact the Burundi Embassy in Belgium as there is no embassy of Burundi in London. You may call them up at the above phone number and make an appointment before leaving.

    Embassy of Burundi in Belgium

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    Processing time and fees

    Processing time

    The visa processing time is usually 4 working days.


    The Entry visa fee is GBP 57.06 for one month. The Transit visa is GBP 25.36 for three days.

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    Collection Of Visa

    You need to visit the Embassy of Burundi in Belgium to collect your visa after the completion of visa processing.

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    Final Checklist of items to take to Burundi

    Here is a checklist of items  that you may need during your travel:

    a) Cash to support your visit
    b) Complete information about your place of accommodation and your travel itinery
    c) Maps of different locations or areas
    d) Sunhats and Sunglasses
    e) Medicines, Mosquito (other bug) repellents
    f) An Internationally recognized yellow fever vaccination certificate

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