How To Claim Council Tax Benefit In London

A council tax is a system is used to collect tax from people living in London. This tax is collected against services which the local governments provide. However, people who are unable (because of low income) to pay this tax can claim council tax benefit. The council tax benefit is given to people who are living as tenants and have low income, or receive Job Seeker’s Allowance or Income Support. The benefit entitlements thoroughly depend on the personal circumstances of a person. Folks who are not aware of this benefit can learn how to claim council tax benefit in London from this guide.


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    Who can claim council tax benefit?

    People who are legally responsible to pay the council tax and are occupants  of a property can claim council tax benefit.

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    Who Grants Council Tax Benefit?

    Local councils in London have the power to grant council tax benefit after a valid claim is received.

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    Obtain Form to Claim Council Tax Benefit:

    The form to claim council tax benefit in London can be obtained from the relevant local council. Moreover, questions like where should the applicant submit his or her claim after filling in the pertinent information, and processing time frame of the application, can also be asked from the local council.

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    How to Contact Local Council:

    Contact your relevant local council to claim a council tax benefit, or any information regarding it, by using the contact details from here.

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    How to make a claim?

    In order to make a claim, Londoners should contact their local councils. Those who reside in the boundaries of ‘Square Mile’ should make their claims from the authorities at City of London.

    In order to claim the tax benefit, the first thing a person requires is a council tax benefit form which is available with the local councils.

    - Read the form carefully and fill in the pertinent sections.

    - Provide proof of low income or entitlement to Job Seekers Allowance, or income Support.

    - Provide evidence of rental charge and tenancy agreement.

    - Do not forget to enclose photocopies or evidence of income and savings.

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    Assistance regarding the claim form:

    Those who face any problem while filling out the form should get in touch with the local authorities or their help desk. They will be pleased to advice such people, while some local councils are even offering home visit services for those people who are either house-bound or cannot take time out of the office.

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    Entitlement of benefits:

    The benefit entitlement of an applicant usually begins when his or her claim form is received at the local council office. Therefore, the applicants should submit claim forms as early as possible.

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