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In 2006 Live Nation Entertainment and Hard Rock Café organized Hard Rock Calling Festival at Hyde Park London for the very first time. Incredible success made it talk of the town and it left many big musical events far behind. Since it is a local festival and does not require staying on site during the event so it had more audience than the big festivals like Download Festival and Reading & Lead Festival which require attendees to camp on the location. Popular bands and singers are a highlight of this festival. It not only provides a platform to famous singers but gives a chance to younger bands and new names to perform at the event from all over the world. Rock music is a trait of this festival. However the crowd is also entertained with other forms of contemporary music. Currently Hard Rock Calling Festival is one of the most popular music festivals of London.

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    History of the Hard Rock Calling Festival:

    On the first weekend of July 2006 a music festival was launched at Hyde Park, London and thus named after it as Hyde Park Calling Festival. A huge response of music lovers laid a tradition of having this festival annually which is continued till date. In 2008 the name was changed to Hard Rock Calling Festival. In 2009 the rising viewership of event put forth a requirement to increase the duration from two days to three.

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    The selected bands from different countries perform at the stage of Hard Rock Calling Festival. There is a second stage where the upcoming  bands and groups perform. The main stage is lead by the famous artists and it is called the headline performance. Open air music event is three days of matchless entertainment and festivity for rock music lovers.

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    Important Dates:

    Summers - any weekend (Friday - Sunday) of June /July every year

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    Location of the Hard Rock Calling Festival:

    East Side of Hyde Park, near Park Lane, London, United Kingdom.

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    Tickets of the Festival:

    There are three types of tickets available for the event.

    - Standard Tickets
    - VIP Tickets
    - Disabled Tickets

    For buying tickets authentic sources are listed below;

    Online: Official website of Hard Rock Calling.
    Contact No. of Ticketmaster: +44 844 847 2502
    In person: Stargreen London, click here for details.

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    How to Contact:

    For disabled and other Access related information:
    Contact: +44 20 7195 2133
    Email: access@livenation.co.uk

    For any other information:
    Email: info@hardrockcalling.co.uk

    To inquire about VIP packages:
    Email: livenationexperience@livenation.co.uk

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    How to Get to there:

    By Tube:

    To be at the location of Hyde Park Calling Festival, tube stations of Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch are the closest ones. From tube station of Marble Arch location is at a walking distance of 4-5 minutes. After exit from station move left onto Cumberland Gate/A40 and then head south on Park Lane/A4202 towards Hyde Park entrance to the Festival. View map.

    By Bus:

    Nearest bus stop to the location is Marble Arch (Stop W). For the residents of North London bus numbers 10, 16, 73, 414, for visitors coming from South London bus numbers 2, 36, 137, 436 and for the people living in West London bus numbers 10, 74, 148, and 414 can be used to reach the above mentioned bus stop near east side of Hyde Park. Few other buses also make stop at this bus stop approaching form different other parts of the city which are N16, N73, N74 and N137.

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