How to Get a Provisional License in London

A provisional driver’s license is one of the first step for many young adults into the real world. The provisional license is basically permission for the user to drive car, moped or motorcycle in London under supervision. The new driver can be watched over by either a driving instructor or another driver who is above 21 and has been driving for 3 or more years. The license is also a requirement for taking the theory, hazard perception and practical driving test.

The provisional license is actually not the first driving permit that a new drivers get. It is the second in the Driver graduated licensing system process and comes after the learners permit. Below is a guide on how to get a provisional license in London.


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    Since the provisional license is the second permit in the licensing process, their are some perquisites for applying. Below is a detailed list of what you will need before you can apply:

    a)      A valid Learner's permit
    b)      Experience of six months driving under the learners permit
    c)       A new driver will also need a conviction-free driving record
    d)      Finally the new driver will need go through a standardized driver education course

    Once a new amateur driver has all this requirements in place they can go ahead apply for the provisional license.

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    Application methods

    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency's (DVLA) is the authority that issues driving license for the UK and London. They have provided three different methods to apply for the provisional license.

    The quickest and easiest method is to apply online. The other two methods are by post or walking into the DVLA offices in person.

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    Online Application requirement and documents

    Is meant for first time applicants and not for those individuals that have already had a provisional license before. See below for all requirements and documents you will need:

    - You must be a resident of the United Kingdom
    - Meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years and 10 months
    - You have sufficient eyesight to read a standard number plate from 20.5 metres
    - Do not have any legal issues related to motor vehicles
    - Credit or debit card to pay the 50 pound fee
    - The next two requirements of a British passport and Insurance are not mandatory but good to have.
    - Finally you need to have all your addresses for the last three years.

    Click Here to reach the the online application. You will be given a Government web account so that you can come back and access the application later. You need to fill out the form, pay and then submit.

    You will be sent the form by mail to sign and attach your photographs. However, if you have a valid passport the DVLA can pickup your signature and image from there.

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    Mail or Walk in

    The next two do not require you to fill out the form online. You can choose to have the form sent to your mailing address by going here and selecting the D1 form. This form needs to be filled out and sent back with all supporting documents and photographs including fee.

    The next method is to go to the nearest post office in London and grabbing the form from there and filling it out and posting it with all requirements attached. You can click here to find a post office branch near you.

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    Sending by mail or delivering by hand

    The following address is the one to be used to mail in all the form to the DVLA. Their offices are also at the premises and can be used to drop off the forms and documents. Remember that you will need to include the payment of 50 pounds and can use a Postal order for that.

    DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency)

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    Tracking and expected delivery

    The DVLA recommends that you wait at least 3 weeks for your provisional license to arrive. This can take longer if your documents need to be verified. However if the time limit is exceeded you can contact the DVLA in the following way:

    DVLA - Driver Licensing Enquiries
    +44 300 790 6801

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