Kirkaldy Testing Museum London

Kirkaldy Testing Museum – the name says it all; this venue is responsible for showcasing a huge testing machine along with several other small and modern ones. The museum is located in Southwark, London England near the location where David Kirkialdy’s testing woks. The venue contains unique machines due to which it is known as London’s most unusual museum, and machines which were developed or introduced by David Kirkaldy are showcased at this museum. David’s actual motive was to experiment the strength of materials in accordance to their standards.  It’s up to you whether you name it a museum or call it a workshop, laboratory, office of all purpose testing machines, because the venue is serving its purpose in all the above mentioned forms.


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    In the year 1874, Kirkaldy Testing Museum was inaugurated for David Kirkaldy who is known for designing phenomenal machines that are used for judging the strength of the materials in uniform standards. David acquired his engineering education from the Institute of Engineering in Scotland. His involvements in mechanical engineering made him the first one to set up a load testing machine. This 48 foot long machine, which is capable of handling 300 tons of weight, is available in the museum.

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    Collection to see in the Museum:

    - Kirkaldy's Testing Machine.

    - Short video related to testing machine is shown.

    - Few testing kits are also available at the museum.

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    Tickets and Entry:

    The entry is free, but if you wish to plan your visit, you can make a call on the number that is given below:

    Contact: +44 1322 332195 ‎

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    Operational Hours:

    You can pay a visit at the museum on the first Sunday of every month between 10.30 am to 3.30 pm.

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    99 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0JF, United Kingdom.

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    How to Reach Kirkaldy Testing Museum:

    By Tube:

    The distance between Southwark station and the museum is of 0.3 miles. You will have to walk for 6 minutes to cover the extent of space between the two locations. From the tube station, take an exit and commence your walk in north direction on Blackfriars Rd/A201, which will take you towards Scoresby St. After covering 0.1 mile distance, take a right turn onto onto Burrell St and then a left turn will take you towards Bear Ln. The last right turn is on Southwark St/A3200 where the museum is located. For a detailed view of the map, take help from this link.

    By Bus:

    The nearest bus stop Southwark St Blackfriars Road (Stop SN) is 479 feet away from the museum. Route number RV1 from Soho bus station is allowed to make a stop at Southwark St Blackfriars Road (Stop SN). Total 2 minutes walk is required to cover the space between the two locations. From the stop head southeast on Southwark St/A3200 towards Hopton St and you will reach the museum. The route map can be viewed by clicking here!

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