List of Mobile Phone Insurance Companies in London

In London, mobile snatching and theft is a common thing and most of the time you can’t even get to know about where did your handset was been sold or taken even if you know about its IMEI number and also had complained against it in police. Sometimes, unconsciously when you are busy in something else forget that you have your handset in your lap or hand and it slips out and turn into pieces. So, many unaware things could be happened to your costy hand sets. Many people purchase mobile phone insurance in order to overcome the fear of such things like loss, snatching, theft and damage to their expensive phones.  Generally, losing or damaging a mobile costs time and money so its good to get insurance of the mobile phones. Therefore, to secure your mobile phones it is best to buy insurance for it, to help you out in finding mobile companies here is step by step list of few mobile insurance companies in London:


  • 1

    Lloyd's of London, is one of the leading insurance companies in London.

  • 2

    Vodafone London Edgware Road Store, you can pick the plan that matches the needs of your mobile phones insurance.

  • 3

    Phones 4U , has been offering insurance for your valuable mobile phones since comprehensive time.

  • 4

    Smart Business Mobiles, is a leading independent provider of converged Telecom and IT solutions exclusively for business.

  • 5

    iPhone 4 Insurance, is a well known insurance company in London. If you are looking to insure your iPhone then this company is a best one.

  • 6

    Netcom Teddington Ltd , located in Teddington, Middlesex Netcom offers independent, impartial advice for all your telecoms needs.

  • 7

    O2 Store , backing hundreds of young people's community ideas with money, training and support

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