List of Defense Lawyers in London

Criminal cases are not the forte of every law firm or solicitor that practices defence law. Many innocent people have lost their precious careers and lives because of inexperienced defence lawyers. That is why when hiring a defence lawyer, make sure that you have checked out the track record of your prospective attorney. Another factor in choosing an attorney is price. Most defence lawyers charge per hour so you should get an estimate of the required time and any other possible expenses.

To avoid complications in your case, try our Step by Step listing of defence lawyers in London and gauge the skills of these solicitors.


  • 1

    Criminal Defence Solicitors, specialises in criminal defence. CDS can also provide their clients representation at police station, magistrate and crown court.

  • 2

    Sonn Macmillan Walker, is one of the largest law firms in British capital that specialises in all areas of criminal defence.

  • 3

    David Phillips Partners Solicitors, is offering different services including criminal defence not just in London but all across UK.

  • 4

    McCormacks Law, is one of the top criminal law defence lawyers assocition in London that are practicing in the service for quite some time now.

  • 5

    LLM Solicitors, is one of the very few law firms that are solely practicing in the criminal defence.

  • 6

    Hollingsworth Edwards Solicitors Llp, is another name in the long list of defence lawyers in London that are providing services for some time now.

  • 7

    Morgan Brown & Cahill Solicitors, has team of experts that specialises in providing criminal defence practice with a dedicated unit for business crime.

  • 8

    Jung & Co, is providing defence and other services since it was established way back in 1998.

  • 9

    Old Bailey Solicitors, deals in criminal cases and provide strong defence in such cases as they have specialised in these services.

  • 10

    Daniel Berman &  Co, focuses more in providing defence against serious crime and complex fraud cases.

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