How to Get Turkmenistan Tourist Visit Visa from London

Turkmenistan one of the most beautiful states of the Central Asian region, that won its freedom from Russian imperialism in 1991. The country has got numerous attractions for the foreigners that attracts huge number of visitors every year. Every year thousands of tourists from across the world land to this natural resources enriched soil. If you want to travel to the state as a visitor, you will be required to have a legitimate passport and other documents. You will need to fill a form which can be downloaded from the official website of Turkmenistan Embassy in London. Here are the Step by Step details of getting Turkmenistan visit visa from London:

Visit: Embassy Of Turkmenistan


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    Application Form

    In the first step you are required to take a form application of visit visa from London. The form of visit visa can be obtained by their embassy or it can be downloaded from their website. You can download the visa form application by clicking here

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    There are some certain requirements for claiming the visit visa of Turkmenistan. Here is the complete detail of requirements:
    a) You need to fill in one Visa Application Form with recent passport size photo glued to form. Please do not staple pictures. In the application, supply dates in the order of day-month-year.
    Every applicant must have at least 6 months of validity left on the passport beyond his or her intended stay in Turkmenistan.
    c) The applicant must have at least one blank visa page. Amendment pages do not count.

    Note: Documents should be legalized by notary public and also they should be legalized by Legalization Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The normal service of legalizing the documents costs 50 Euros per document and takes 5-7 days. Whereas the urgent service will cost you 90 Euros per document and will take 2-3 working days for processing.
    The fee is needed to be paid on the day you apply.

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee differs from one situation to other and it costs you according to your stay in Turkmenistan. Here is the detail of visit visa charges from London:

    For single entry visiting visa
    Up to 10 days stay will cost you 35 Euros + service charge 15 Euros (this is the minimum period of stay)
    For 3 months stay it will cost 140 Euros + service charge 15 Euros ( this is maximumperiod of stay)

    For multiple entry visiting visa
    Up to one month stay 65 Euros + service charge 15 Euros (this is the minimum period of stay)
    For 3 months stay it will cost 145 Euros + service charge 15 Euros(this is maximumperiod of stay)
    The fee can be submitted to the Embassy or it could be paid via money order.

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    Submission of application

    If you would like to apply for visa by post, you have to send self-addressed, stamped and pre-paid envelope for special delivery. Applicants also must provide the return fees for any mail service they decide to use. Or you can submit to the concerned department in person to Embassy Of Turkmenistan.

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    Processing time

    The flawless visa applications take only 3-4 working days whereas ambiguous applications can take up 10 business day.

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    How to receive the visa

    Wait the for the processing time and you will be informed about the availability of visa via the same channel you applied.

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