List of Pubs & Bars in London

Night life of London is popular due to availability of diverse nature of pubs and bars. British capital hosts people from different part of the world creating a room to add variation in the entertainment life of the city. A variation in demands and taste has created place for different kinds of pubs and bars which offers a wide range of drinks and activites to fun lovers. Each club has something special to entertain the clients. Some has specialisation in wine, others offer best cocktail while there are some restaurants that hosts pubs and bars for the Londoners. Some clubs managed to distiguish its name due to transgender nature and gender sepcific services. Here is a step by step list of different Pubs and Bars Available in London.


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    Wine Bars, focuses their business on selling a comprehensive range of wines. In London many wine bars serves wine of different regions like Italian, or Spanish. Most of the wine bars are private stand alone location. here are some of the wine bars in London.

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    Cocktail Bars, serves the drink that must contain alcohol or spirit. It attracts most of the Londoners because of its bitter taste and added flavour of sugar, honey, milk or cream.

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    Restaurant Bars, are usually bars available in the restaurant. Many restaurants in London have special floor dedicated to bars where they offer all kind of facilities that a bar contains. Many of these restaurants also has a facility of pubs and other night life related places. Some of the restaurant bars are given below.

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    Sports Bars, usually attracts the public who want to watch games on  large-screen television. London is a diverse place in United Kingdom offering the residents with wide variety of entertainment spots including sports bars. There are more than 100 spots in London where sports lover can gather to enjoy the latest sports activity on large screens.

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    Gay Pubs and Bars, are a dinking places which cater predominantly to gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgender clients. British capital have some gay bars serving specifically to transgender public.

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    Music Pubs and Bars, is a word usually associated to bars and pubs that are specialise in live music concerts. Lodoners are lovers of live music and concerts and often make plan to visit music bars.

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